x9 PEPSICO Job opportunities [Min.Grade12]

1. Driver Salesman x2

Set of working responsibilities
Auto req ID: 278129BR
Set of working responsibilities
Guaranteeing lucky conveyance of merchandise to the client.
Great administration of cash on courses according to the strategy of the organization.
Great comprehension of client support
Capacity to distinguish holes/open doors in the neighborhood market to increment deals
Adjusting Driver’s books – fundamental information on compromise process
Being responsible for particular course designated to the Driver
Limiting Driver’s Shorts
Liaising with pertinent Sales Representative
Great Crate Control
Grade 12/NQF 3 or Equivalent
Experience: 1-2 years
Permit Code 10 and PDP
“PepsiCo is an Equal Opportunity Employer in accordance with the Employment Equity Act”
Work Type: Full-Time

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng Province.

2. General Worker

Expected set of responsibilities
Auto req ID: 278142BR
Expected set of responsibilities
Keeping up with great housekeeping of inbound office and back yard
Keeping up with great housekeeping of returnable and on returnable materials
Keeping up with great housekeeping of armada and distribution center
To get and stack crude and bundling material
Stacking and offloading trucks
Partake in month to month stock count exercises
Perform FIFO reviews and acceleration of short dated stcok
Play out GMP’s day to day
Stick to somewhere safe and secure guidelines

Group Worker
Great wellbeing and physical strenght
Numerial capacity

“PepsiCo is an Equal Opportunity Employer in accordance with the Employment Equity Act”

Work Type: Full-Time

Location: Wadeville, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province

3. Clerk General II 

Expected set of responsibilities
Auto req ID: 278172BR

Expected set of responsibilities:

Checked between hesitant charges and record assignments; stopped diaries; accounted pre-paids and gatherings; and apportioned misc. bank things as well as
Checked time sheets; confirmed changes; submitted finance things; kept up with work force organization incl. providents store things as well as
Organized travel, accomodation, ext. settings and catering; handled claims;prepared introductions; and composed correspondence
Matric or equivalent qualification and two years significant experience

Taking possession when depleted

Work Type: Full-Time

Location: Northern Cape

4. Delivery Assistants x4

Set of working responsibilities
Auto req ID: 278128BR
Set of working responsibilities
Off-stacking merchandise from the truck to clients
Conveying cases to the shop
Pressing the products onto the clients’ rack
Counting simultaneously to guarantee right conveyance
Returning cases to the truck
Helping the driver while switching
Helping the driver with changing a cut on course

Grade 12/NQF 3 or Equivalent
Experience: 1-2 years
Code 10 and PDP added advantage
Work Type: Full-Time

Location: Aeroton, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province (Department A)

Location: Aeroton, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province (Department B)

5. Electrician

Expected set of responsibilities
Conducts determination of hardware disappointments

Works with and through experts and different representatives to lay out hardware execution before the breakdowns were accounted for.
Lays out whether the gear breakdown is connected with a missed arranged upkeep or part disappointment or human obstruction
Utilizes any of the issue (finding and) tackling strategies like 5-Whys, RCA, choice trees and so on to stick point the genuine issue behind disappointments/breakdowns
Utilizes electrical test instruments to investigate and test transformers, engines, switchgear and other electrical gadgets for deserts.
Finishes task card in discussion with the support organizer and demands parts relying upon the result of the abovementioned.
Conducts protection support
Performs characterized or potentially specially appointed electrical and hardware testing
Revises electrical frameworks and hardware glitches through testing, changing, sequencing, synchronizing and adjusts such frameworks and gear as AC and DC power supplies, fundamental power control boards, engines, generators, circuit breakers and hand-off boards.
Destroys electrical apparatus and replaces imperfect electrical or mechanical parts like cog wheels, brushes, and armatures.
Confirm and execute preventive upkeep guidelines on all electrical appropriation gear.
Finishes documentation connecting with turn out finished for future reference in case of disappointments
Ceaseless reference to hardware drawings, designing principles and GMPs in the presentation and finishing off of tasks finished.
Performs electrical precaution support examinations and fixes on an assortment of electrical hardware.
Arranged Maintenance
Guarantees that planned support as far as Electrical plans is directed as recommended following characterized conventions and consistence to GMPs
Gets done with task cards and parts demand reports fortuitously to enhance mean opportunity to fix hence guaranteeing high plant accessibility
Fills in as an electrical technician fixing, introducing, supplanting and testing electrical circuits, gear, and apparatuses.
Plant Breakdowns
Goes to all electrical and mechanical plant breakdowns and will lead the conclusion as expressed under point 1 above.
Obviously dermacates workstation as per strategies in case of significant work to limit disturbances and potential wounds because of human traffic and region being utilized as lane.
Adhers to AIB and applicable food handling programs and natural conventions.
Finishes documentation of work done and close out on specially appointed call outs
Refreshes parts/saves records related to the stores
Mounts engines, transformers and lighting apparatuses into position and finishes circuits as per graph particulars.

Qualified/exchange tried circuit tester.
Somewhere around N3 electrical designing capability, optimal N6 Electrical Engineering.
Great electrical shortcoming tracking down abilities.
Capacity to peruse and decipher electrical schematics.
Least 5 years support insight in the FMCG climate.
PC educated with information on MS Office and support programming (SAP ideally)
Wireman’s permit ideal
Completely acquainted with Environmental, Health and Safety Standards.
Liable for Technical Assets.

Location: Isando, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province

Kindly note that PEPSICO has not provided closing dates for the above vacancies on when they are due, please apply while the vacancies are still available on the referred site.

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