AECI OPPORTUNITIES : Apprentice Mechanical Fitter


Apprentice Mechanical Fitter

Closing Date
Reference Number
Pillar AECI Property Services
Job Title Apprentice Mechanical Fitter
Job Type Classification Apprentice
Number of Positions 1
Location – Town / Site Umbogintwini
Location – Province KwaZulu-Natal
Location – Country South Africa

Description of the Job

Become an expert in your chosen field by acquiring the knowledge and skills of an artisan. (Apprentice in the Mechanical Fitting Trade).

Participate in the formal training plan for the apprenticeship;
Make adequate progress toward achieving the relevant competencies;
And attend any necessary training or assessments that are related to the aforementioned topics.

Carry out the tasks that are required of you and make adequate progress toward achieving the capabilities outlined in the training plan.

Follow all instructions and make sure to participate in any training or tests that are connected to the training plan.
(Shukela Training Centre) holds an annual training block consisting of sixty days.

Maintain possession of the training record, also known as a logbook, and produce it when requested to do so by either the employer or the training organization. (Apprentice under the supervision of a Fitter Mentor).

Recognize that any workplace instructions or other materials that come into the possession of the apprentice as a result of training remain the property of the employer even though the apprentice now possesses them.

Maintain, repair, and carry out Scheduled Maintenance on plant equipment such as pumps, centrifuges, steam traps, and steam reticulation equipment under the supervision of qualified Artisans who work in the Utilities Maintenance Department.

Cooperate productively with those around you in order to accomplish the maintenance activities and goals successfully.

Adherence to Health, Safety, and Environmental policies, procedures, work instructions, guidelines, regulations/legislation, and programs, as well as proactive action to identify and correct potentially unsafe conditions and behaviors.

Assist Fitter in performing daily routine maintenance tasks across the various AECI Property Services plants, as well as providing assistance with breakdowns.

During the second year of the apprenticeship program, you will be expected to provide assistance to the Maintenance Fitter who has been assigned for Standby Duty.

Effective utilization of both hand tools and power tools.
Maintaining compliance with the safety standards and codes of practice established by AECI.

Experience and other necessary qualifications

Grade 12/Matric, including both mathematics and science.
An N3, which is required in order to apply for a Trade Test, is absolutely necessary.
(The candidate is required to obtain within one year of the date on which employment begins.)
Possessing a valid driver’s license will be advantageous.

A fundamental comprehension of the processing plant and the significance of preventative maintenance.
To be able to work in an environment containing chemicals, one must be able to get a health clearance.
The more mechanical experience you have, the better.
Both hand tools and power tools will come in handy.


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