Airwave Travel Intern x2 With SABC


Internship with Airwave Travel, Position X2

Reports to: Manager of Commodity Operations
Supply Chain Management is the Division’s Focus.
IDs of the positions: 60022337 and 60022338

Requisition ID 11766 – Posted 05/18/2023 
Airwave Travel – Airwave Travel 
GP – Auckland Park


Millions of people in South Africa rely on SABC as their primary source of entertainment, news, and information.
Our dream is to be recognized as the most authoritative and trustworthy voice in the country and on the continent.
Joining the Airwave Travel team as a graduate with experience in travel and tourism could be a very rewarding experience for the right candidate.

The purpose of the internships offered by SABC is to give students the opportunity to collaborate with our internal and external clients and teams in order to solve key business problems and pinpoint areas of growth for the organization.
You will be ready to tackle the challenges of the real world from the very first day thanks to your education and experience.


This graduate training program will last for a year and its primary objectives are to provide assistance to Airwave’s Travel department and to ensure the effective execution of Travel plans. Those individuals who have finished their studies and received their Travel and Tourism National Diploma and are looking to improve their skills and experience in a professional setting will find this to be an excellent opportunity.

About the Cast and Crew

The Airwave Travel Team is in charge of the procurement of domestic and international travel according to the needs and requirements of the client, which enables staff members to carry out their primary responsibilities in both the domestic and international arenas.


Hotel properties should be subjected to site inspections, after which they should be evaluated and ranked in accordance with the standards set forth.
Before making any final bookings, you should advise the customer to go with the option that will save them the most money.
After a trip or a request has been confirmed, a file should be opened, and all pertinent documentation should be attached to it for record keeping.
Obtain authorization and SAP approval for all of the client’s travel arrangements from the appropriate divisions.

As per the client’s request, book their flights (local, national, and international), as well as their accommodations and car rentals.
Perform each step of the trip’s preparation using the reservation software.
Following the approval of the SAP, all necessary travel documents, including but not limited to airline tickets, vouchers for accommodations, transfer coupons, and insurance policies, will be issued.
Offer client best possible rates.

Before the customer leaves, make sure that all of their travel arrangements have been confirmed in writing.
Provide guidance on obtaining visas in order to guarantee full compliance with the customs regulations governing international travel.
Uphold efficient administrative procedures, such as filing, faxing, photocopying, and taking and making calls.
Deal with the excess baggage.

Make reservations for workshops, conferences, and other events.
Provide input on the necessary health precautions.
Accept responsibility for ordering brochures, information sheets, and other materials.
Take immediate bookings and oversee the after-hours and emergency phone lines.
Make sure that you give your customers their travel documents on time.


The National Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (NQF 6) or another qualification that is relevant is required.


Word and Excel are both products of Microsoft.
Knowledge of point-to-point bookings for international travel and the rules governing international fares
Internal and International Connections (Sectors) That Go From Point to Point
A familiarity with the jargon of the travel industry


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