Apply For Assistant Leader Post at Cape Union Mart

Cape Union Mart International

Assistant Leader – Atterbury Value Mart

Pretoria, Gauteng
Posted 22 December 2023
Closing Date 02 January 2024

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Job Details

Old Khaki
Business Unit
Stores North
Minimum experience
Company primary industry
Job functional area

Description of the Job

Obligations and the Responsibilities:

Offering assistance in the management of all aspects of a store
Making the most of both turnover and profit
By monitoring risks related to stock, you can reduce shrinkage to a minimum.
Implementing a strategy for the customer experience will allow you to provide exceptional service to your customers.
The lead All members of the team should be recognized for their contributions to talent selection, training, coaching, and retention initiatives.
Using cutting-edge visual merchandising techniques to increase sales.
Put all of the company’s policies and procedures into effect.
Concerning the upkeep of health and safety procedures
Improve the performance of the team by cultivating a motivational atmosphere.
Create a fun environment while aligning team members with the culture of the company.

Minimum Requirements :

When dealing with money or finances, honesty is essential.
Leadership that is both inspiring and passionate
Acceptance of responsibility
Establishing and sustaining connections with others
The ability to innovate and adapt to change management is essential.
The ability to think adaptably

The bare minimum must be met :

Having three years of experience in management retail
Microsoft – Computer Proficiency or the Equivalent of the Matriculation Exam
The ability to communicate effectively at all levels and a criminal record that is free of errors.


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