Artisan Assistant Wanted at

Artisan Assistant

at, South Africa’s most popular online store, is seeking a highly competent Artisan Assistant to join our team in Johannesburg, District Capital.

We are a young company that is experiencing rapid expansion, and we are looking for people who are intelligent, creative, and hardworking to join our team. We offer a market-related Total Remuneration Package that gives you complete flexibility according to your needs, a wonderful work environment, and a guarantee that you won’t be bored as long as you are willing to take on challenges and want to create something wonderful.

The Site and Services Manager is the person who is in charge of this position.

Your responsibilities may include:

Make sure that all of the equipment is functioning according to the design specifications so that there is no downtime.
This can be accomplished through the effective implementation and execution of the preventative maintenance system for the equipment.
Ensure the highest possible line efficiency and throughput rate, maximize the amount of time the line is operational, and effectively manage critical spares as required by the DC. This will allow you to cut costs and reduce the amount of time the line is offline.

Efficient planning, including the timely procurement of spares for both planned repairs and emergency repairs caused by breakdowns.
The most effective maintenance procedures for the engineering and operational running of lines, as well as the training and transfer of skills.
Help with the implementation of projects, active execution of those projects, and providing support for those projects in order to support the drive of the warehouse to improve quality and throughput while simultaneously reducing costs.
Contribution to the operation of the safety system as well as its execution.
Observance of all safety requirements, including inspections and repairs, as well as their execution, when and where necessary.

The Requirements and Characteristics

Mathematics and Science In Grade 12
Millwright with a Red Seal, N2 and higher.
License for wiremen and experience working with OHS systems.
Experience with either communication systems or basic PLC is required.
It would be beneficial to have previous working experience on conveyor systems.
practical experience in groundskeeping and building maintenance, including training in fire alarm and suppression systems.
a minimum of two or more years of work experience and knowledge in the relevant field.

Concerning the Environment:’s employees are entrepreneurial and dynamic, intelligent, customer-centric, and fun, and they all share the aim of making the company the most successful online retailer in Africa.
We are always receptive to direct feedback and new ideas on how we can progress, and we never forget to have fun while working hard, taking responsibility for our work, and collaborating with others to solve issues.
We place greater emphasis on our work than on our own personalities.
We are not only intellectuals, but also doers, as everything ultimately depends on execution.
Both the labor we do and the things we create provide us with great inspiration.

We are looking to hire someone with an extraordinary mind who can:

Is honest while still showing deference
Is a master of doing, able to not only design but also carry out Is analytical, able to use data to inform decision-making
Is ambitious, self-motivated, and aspires to achieve the position of BEST (GREAT).
Requires a lot of work and does not only take place during normal business hours Is enthusiastic about the potential of online shopping and providing customers with an experience that is unparalleled in the world
Is entrepreneurial, has a positive attitude toward change while acknowledging that it is unavoidable, and is always looking for ways to do things more efficiently and effectively.

Is it a SMART business.
Capable of thinking about problems from a business perspective while taking into account technical and product input Curios and willing to challenge the status quo
Is forward-thinking and takes delight in iteration
When it comes to the creation of innovative ideas for, collaborative work will be at the forefront.
acts and thinks like a proprietor of the company.

Is INTELLIGENT, possesses INTEGRITY, and puts in a LOT of HARD WORK
If you have all of these characteristics, you have an extraordinary mind;
Therefore, you should come and join us.

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