Bidvest Safety Officer Post

Safety Officer

Bidvest Facilities Management

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Posted 01 August 2023
Closing Date 07 August 2023

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Safety Officer Job Details

Customised Solutions
Minimum experience
Company primary industry
Oil and Energy
Job functional area

Safety Officer Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Create systems to guarantee that each employee satisfies all applicable legal and safety requirements, and then implement those systems.
Develop, implement, and maintain an effective program for safety, risk, and environmental management, and ensure compliance with the requirements of local (bylaws and national) legislation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, and the Environmental Conservation Act (NEMA).
Determine the needs for safety (and specific) training, organize and coordinate safety training courses, and, where necessary, prepare training material.

Evaluate incident forms, surveys, and audits to determine underlying causes, and then work with the relevant supervisors and managers to devise a plan of action to correct non-compliant behavior or conditions (and make sure the findings are closed out and that corrections are followed up on).
Maintain communication with contractors working on-site to ensure they are following Company safety regulations and adhering to safety standards.
This should include providing them with basic safety induction training.

Reports on the quality of the work should be provided on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis (including toolbox talks, logged incidents or near misses, man-hour reports, site plans, and sustainability reports).
Observance of the various procedures and processes involved in maintenance
The technical team should be provided with coaching, support, and feedback.
Determine, investigate, and assess both the actual risks to safety and the environment, as well as any potential dangers there may be.
Contribute to the management of compliance with safety and health regulations, as well as related internal policies and procedures, on the part of employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

Programs for occupational safety, health, and hygiene, as well as environmental protection, should be implemented, improved, and kept up to date while adhering to the standards set by ISO and industry best practices.
Acquire an understanding of and a commitment to adhering to the permit-to-work system used by the client.
HEMP knowledge should be possessed.
Gain an understanding of the processes and procedures involved in incident investigations.

Safety Officer Requirements Bare Minimums

  • Qualifications equivalent to a Diploma in Safety Management or higher are acceptable.
  • Registration with a relevant recognized professional body, such as SAIOSH or SACPCMP; this is required for trade and professional registration.
  • Grade 12 Code B Certificate of Driverhood
  • 2–5 years is a relevant industry expertise and experience
  • Legal Compliance Assessments         
  • Incident Investigation
  • SAMTRAC       
  • HIRA    MSRM
  • SAP Basic Training     
  • Legal Appointee in terms of OSHACT
  • ISO 45001       
  • ISO 18001

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