Call Centre Agent Career at Metropolitan

Metropolitan Career

Call Centre Agent – Midrand


Closing Date
Reference Number
Job Title Call Centre Agent – Midrand
Position Type Permanent
Role Family Sales
Cluster Metropolitan Life
Remote Opportunity None of the time
Location – Country South Africa
Location – Province Gauteng
Location – Town / City Midrand


The Metropolitan brand is one of the oldest names in the South African financial services industry. Metropolitan, which has a legacy of providing service to the communities in which it operates that spans 125 years, represents true empowerment in its mission to serve the people of Africa by providing affordable financial solutions that generate financial growth and security.

The Metropolitan brand is not only present in South Africa but also in 11 other African countries, including Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Lesotho, and Swaziland.
Metropolitan operates in South Africa.
Funeral, health, savings, hospital cash-back cover, retirement solutions, and life insurance are some of the financial services that Metropolitan offers to its low-income clientele in order to meet their needs in terms of overall financial wellness.

Function of the Role

To continuously improve the lifetime financial wellness of people, their families, and their communities through empowerment and education.
To do this, we will sell financial solutions to people that will improve their financial well-being while also putting them at ease regarding the future of their families.


A qualification at the NQF4 level, such as a Grade 12, is required.
Qualification above matriculation level that is equivalent to NQF 5
A minimum of one year’s worth of work experience in a sales call center.
The candidate needs to demonstrate that they have the ability to meet the standards set forth by the FSCA for being “Fit and Proper.”
Experience with Making Cold Calls.
Bachelor’s Degree (if you don’t have any previous experience working in a call center).
A candidate must have a RE 5, an FSCA-recognized qualification that carries a minimum of 120 FAIS credits, a minimum of one year of experience providing financial services in the applicable sub category, and proof of continuing professional development hours completed for each sub category in order to be considered fully Fit and Proper in accordance with the requirements of the FSCA.

A List of Duties and Obligations

Make it a priority to work toward achieving your personal financial goals by carefully planning and managing your time, being conscientious, and taking the necessary steps to deal with stress.
Hold information-sharing sessions on various aspects of financial planning in order to attract new business and improve the level of knowledge possessed by prospective customers.
Before quickly acting on clear, well-thought-out decisions, it is important to carefully assess the circumstances, gain an understanding of the complexities involved, and evaluate their potential effects.

Determine the issues precisely and then take the initiative to find solutions.
Find opportunities for your business in every conversation you have, and do so while maintaining your passion, resiliency, concentration, and organization.
Ensure that all administrative and reporting responsibilities associated with the role are timely completed.
Create new client relationships and keep existing ones strong through the presentation of our cutting-edge and dependable product offerings, which are delivered by means of credible and professional financial advisory services.

Provide assistance and direction to customers as they work through the decision-making process by demonstrating an exceptional level of product knowledge and a focus on the needs of individual customers.
Review client accounts on a regular basis to determine whether or not life changes, changes in the economy, or changes in financial performance indicate that a plan reassessment is required.
Develop solid relationships with other people by always being honest, trusting, and respecting them.

Ensure that your knowledge of both technical products and legislative requirements is always up to date in order to provide the most relevant and innovative solutions to your clientele and to meet the requirements of governance.
Be the kind of entrepreneurs who are self-assured and self-motivated, and pursue your targets and goals with dogged determination.

Maintain a high level of productivity while practicing efficient time management.
Conduct research on and keep an eye on trends in the financial market in order to verify that plans are applicable and useful, as well as to locate any necessary updates.
Prepare, interpret, and present the financial performance of the client as well as any other relevant information in order to improve the client’s understanding and make decision-making easier.
Perform a financial needs analysis on each client in order to devise and carry out a tailored financial plan that will assist each client in realizing their monetary objectives.


Fluent in verbal expression.
Aptitude for reasoning with numbers.
Have the ability to organize and manage their time effectively.
A resilient person has drive, determination, a tolerance for risk, and the ability to recover quickly after a setback.

Maintain healthy relationships at all times.
Showcase effective sales behaviors such as dealing with challenging customers, being competitive, achieving goals, and remaining persistent.
Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset (having ambitious goals, being self-reliant, achieving financial success in an environment with high risk, and having autonomy).

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