Call Centre Agent Wanted at Ster-Kinekor Theatres Pty Ltd

Call Centre Agent

Ster-Kinekor Theatres Pty Ltd

Sandton, Gauteng
Posted 29 June 2023
Closing Date 07 July 2023

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Call Centre Agent Job Details

Business Support
Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Job functional area

Call Centre Agent Description of the Job

One of the primary responsibilities of a Call Centre Agent is to deliver first-rate support and customer service to all callers and guests.
This includes responding to questions and concerns, addressing issues or complaints, and resolving them in a manner that is both professional and effective.
The incumbent is responsible for providing customer support via phone calls, emails, and business WhatsApp.
Take care of first-line inquiries and escalate problems if necessary.
Additionally, the incumbent will be expected to work on weekends and public holidays, and the hours will be rotated on a shift basis.

Call Centre Agent Job Duties:

Rate of complaint resolution that is in line with the policies and guidelines of the company
Quality of calls, ensuring that each interaction with a customer results in the best possible service being provided to that customer.
In accordance with the procedure for escalation, any complaints that have not been resolved should be escalated, followed up on, and the guest should be provided with feedback.
Please provide information that is both accurate and up to date regarding movies and showtimes.
Increasing awareness of, and managing participation in, our customer loyalty program.
Ensure that all of the feedback provided to guests on the various products contains accurate information.

Complete familiarity with every aspect of the procedure for requesting a refund; adherence to the schedule (both weekly and monthly rosters);
Compliance with the established quality procedures and standards
The rate of abandoned calls must comply with the service level agreement for the department.
The duration of an average call should not deviate from predetermined standards set by the company.
Before the start of the shift, every daily checklist that has been accumulated should be turned in.

A familiarity with the running of the movie theater, its policies, and its operating procedures.
A familiarity with the films being shown, showtimes, and the promotions and discounts that are currently available.
a familiarity with payment processing, loyalty programs, and ticketing systems are all desirable.
A comprehension of the fundamentals and best practices of providing service to guests.
A working familiarity with phone and computer systems, at a minimum.

Call Centre Agent Qualifications:

Matric (essential)
It would be an advantage to have a diploma or degree.

In-Depth Experience and Expertise in:

Previous call centre experience
The Experience of Providing Service to Customers
Knowledge and experience with the Microsoft Office Suite
Experience working directly with various pieces of office machinery

Call Centre Agent Skills:

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required.
Skills in active listening as well as the capacity to comprehend the requirements and worries of the customers.
Strong skills in providing customer service and the ability to offer solutions to problems faced by customers are required.
Abilities in sales and marketing to promote movies, concessions, and loyalty programs in the theater.
Powerful organizational and time management abilities that allow one to handle multiple calls and responsibilities at once.

Capacity to maintain productivity despite adverse conditions and in a high-stress environment.
Paying attention to the details and being accurate when handling the requests and transactions of the customers.
Capability of adjusting one’s routine and priorities in response to shifting customer demands or movie schedules.
When dealing with customers and the problems they are experiencing, patience and empathy are essential.
Capability to work effectively as a member of a team and to collaborate with coworkers to accomplish shared objectives.

Principal Characteristics

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as a clear speaking voice.
Strong focus on providing service to customers
Strong abilities in cultivating and maintaining relationships.
High energy levels
Taking matters into one’s own hands
Enthusiastic about watching movies.
Time management
Customer service attitude/skill
Capability of working without relying on one’s own personal mobile phone.


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