Candidates With Grade 10 Apply For X6000 EPWP Government Posts

Department of Roads and Transport

Pothole Patching/Grass Cutting/EPWP Pointsmen

Reference Number : REFS/018875
Directorate : Roads Maintenance
Number of Posts : 6000
Package : R3080,00 per month
Enquiries : 011 355 7125
Date of expiration: July 31, 2023
Location : in Johannesburg, South Africa


South Africans who have completed their 10th grade education (Grade 10)
Do not have a criminal record a comprehensive curriculum vitae, a notarized copy of an identification document.
Proof of residency document with the appropriate stamp.


Repairing Potholes, Grass Cutting, and Serving as an EPWP Pointsman


Those who are currently unemployed, along with women, people with disabilities, and veterans of the armed forces are encouraged to apply. Those individuals who had previously submitted an application for the Nasi ispani recruitment program will be given priority for these positions.
Department of Roads and Transport is the department that employs you.

Please Take Note That:

We do not have the resources to acknowledge the applications that are sent in due to the high volume of submissions that we anticipate receiving.
If you do not hear back from anyone within the next three months, you should be prepared to accept the fact that your application was not successful and thank them for their time.

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