Cape Union Mart Sales Assistant Post

Cape Union Mart International

Sales Assistant

Bloemfontein, Free State
Posted 18 October 2023
Closing Date 23 October 2023
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Job Details

Old Khaki
Business Unit
Stores Central
Minimum experience
Company primary industry
Job functional area

Duties and responsibilities included in the job description are as follows:

Exceed the expectations of the customer by regularly practicing customer sales techniques.
Maintain strict adherence to the store’s stock loss controls.
Make sure that individual goals are met on a consistent basis.
The ability to maximize and drive sales by identifying opportunities to increase turnover and maximizing those opportunities.
Keep the house in order and adhere to our standards for visual merchandising in order to maximize revenue.

Make the setting something that will motivate you. Have some fun!
Take care of all of the purchase transactions, including the receipt, verification, and processing of all payments.
These payments can be made with cash, cards, vouchers, coupons, or any other acceptable forms of payment.
Make sure that each item, stock, and script that is being shipped out has been scanned and paid for before proceeding with the shipment.
All of the loyalty cards, including those belonging to accelerated partners, will have their processing done.

Establish a professional relationship with the customers and offer assistance and advice that is personable, helpful, and courteous to each and every customer.
Share both the positive and negative feedback received from customers with management.
Ensure that all customer stock questions are attended to, and that they are both resolved and dealt with.

Sales Assistant Requirements for Behavior:

Dealing with money and money matters in an honest manner.
Developing and sustaining connections with others
Management of innovation and transition
Consideration of adaptability
Assuming responsibility
The resolution of issues
Time management that can be relied on and is sincere
Outstanding service to one’s clients

The bare minimum is expected.

Grade 12 Or Its Equivalent
Experience in retail sales for a maximum of six months

Particular aspects of the working environment:

Clear Credit and record of criminal activity
willing and able to work the long hours required by retail.
South African citizens have the following advantages:

1 year’s worth of experience working in the retail sector.
Certification from Microsoft in Computer Proficiency
Capacity for effective verbal and written communication.
A familiarity with the most recent fashion trends or the outdoor lifestyle, depending on the brand for which one is applying. willing and able to work the long hours required by retail.

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