CHECKER OPERATOR Wanted Permanent Position

Posted on 27 June 2022
Ref Nr: 30019754

Location: SAB Chamdor Depot

The main objective of this role is to load, unload and pile up safely and effectively while maintaining governance and customer service standards.

Major results and responsibilities:

Efficient management of the fleet Use a lifting carriage inspection list to perform a preliminary travel test before starting each quarter of work. Make sure the forklift works and maintained in the optimal state. Make sure the fuel and liquid are at the operation.

Compliance with health, safety and environmental standards:

The exemption from the work strengthening service complies with maintenance and complies with the on-site cleaning standard. Appropriate personal protective equipment used as designated by the Safety Standard on-site.

Effective quality control of stocks:

Way The Stock Age Standard is maintained by applying the principle of stock rotation Check the packaging on the warehouse soil to ensure quality control. Effective stock management

Maintain clear and effective communication with inventory managers, controllers and supervisors. Precise inspection of vehicles, loading and unloading

Summary of the road used to load the correct quantity of division and the whole palette Updated delivery status at SAP The right return to the portable device before going down

Participate in transfer processes before and after the quarters

The exact number of daily inventory made using a portable device

Resolution of reports distributed in SAP and inconsistency resolution

Effective loading and unloading of the vehicle

Clear and effective logistics / communication coordinator with team members

All documents have been completed with precision and understanding Check the continuity of production (if applicable )

It provides optimal productivity, while loading vacuum and raw materials on the production line.

Remove and stack the finished product from the line to be emptied while ensuring optimal line productivity. Commercial, political, processes and related procedures


Matric / Grade 12 or equivalent

Effective forklift driver permit

Double manager work experience

IT illiteracy SAP Literacy

Glass Good interpersonal technology / Good relationship

The capacity to work under pressure

Good language and communication skills Good self-management principle

The ability to adapt to change effectively The value of the organization

Good digital capacity

Further information:

Sab / Abinbev is an employer of equal opportunities and all promises are made according to the stock market plan and the SAB / Abinbev talent requirements. Advertising lists minimum requirements. Managers have the right to use additional / related information on the short list. According to the bonds of the South African Pty (LTD ) brewery, they can be reduced by vaccinations and vaccinations to provide and maintain a safe job to employees, their families, customers, visitors and the community. We must vaccinate all new promises under the conditions of employment of the company.

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