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Refrigeration Mechanic (CCB230817-8) – CCBSA Horizontal
Closing Date
Reference Number
Job Title Refrigeration Mechanic
Job Category Cold Drinks Equipment
Company Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa
Job Type Permanent
Location – Country South Africa
Location – Province Country Wide
Location – Town / City Benrose, George, Bloemfontein (De-aar), Linbro Park, Ladysmith (Nkandka), Queens Town, VAAL (BETHLEHEM), New Castle, Port Elizaberth, Richards bay & Zeerust,

The purpose of the Refrigeration Mechanic Post :

Is to outline the responsibilities and requirements associated with a specific position within an organization.
It provides a detailed account

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa currently offers promising prospects within its Consumer Development and Engagement (CDE) department.
We are seeking individuals who possess the necessary qualifications and relevant experience for the position of Refrigeration Mechanic.

The Refrigeration Mechanic primary objective

The primary objective is to deliver technical assistance and services to the Equipment Services division and other relevant stakeholders.
This will be accomplished through the installation, maintenance, and repair of fountain and coffee equipment, with the aim of meeting established quality standards and attaining excellence in customer service.

The primary duties and responsibilities

The topic of interest pertains to the installation and maintenance of equipment.
The process of installing and removing fountain and hot beverage equipment.
The maintenance and repair of fountain and hot beverage machines.
The individual performed repairs and maintenance on equipment.
Successfully resolved situational challenges.

The concept of customer satisfaction is a key focus in the field of business and marketing. It refers to the level of contentment or
Ensured adherence to safety, health, and environmental protocols.
Took personal responsibility for self-improvement and professional growth.
The equipment was subjected to testing prior to its final assembly.
Ensure that the work is conducted in accordance with the specifications and guidelines outlined by the Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) systems.

The routine tasks and actions performed on a daily basis.
This study examines customer satisfaction in relation to installations, preventive maintenance, and repairs.
The effective management of equipment spare parts necessitates the application of robust hand-eye coordination skills.
The utilization of sophisticated assembly techniques.

Utilize conceptual skills.
The comprehension of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and the principles of food safety.
Ensured compliance with safety, health, and environmental regulations and protocols.
The process of calibrating equipment to ensure compliance with quality standards.
Ensure that the work is in compliance with the requirements of Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) systems.
It is advisable to maintain an internal locus of control and effectively manage one’s own development and performance.

Skills, Experience, and Education

The Applicant possesses a Matric or N3 qualification in the field of Refrigeration or Electrical.
The subject of interest is the Registered Trade Test in the field of Refrigeration.
A prerequisite for this position is a minimum of two years of practical experience in the field of refrigeration, vending, and fountain systems, specifically in the realm of maintenance and repairs of commercial refrigeration units.
A valid Code 08 driver’s license is required, with the condition that the license holder must currently be engaged in driving activities.
Having Code 10 proficiency would confer an additional benefit.

Additional prerequisites

The acquisition and application of specialized knowledge in a particular field, often involving practical skills and expertise.
It is a requirement for individuals to possess South African citizenship.
Achieve a clean criminal and credit record.
The concept of key competencies refers to a set of essential skills, knowledge, and attributes that individuals need to possess in order to
Mechanical aptitude refers to an individual’s capacity or degree of comprehension when operating or utilizing mechanical machinery.
Teamwork refers to the aptitude to effectively collaborate within teams consisting of individuals from one’s own professional unit or field of expertise.
In addition to possessing adaptability, individuals have the capacity to collaborate effectively with diverse individuals across various tasks.

Customer orientation refers to the commitment to fulfilling the needs and demands of both internal and external customers.
This entails actively seeking and utilizing direct customer feedback to enhance the quality of products and services.
It involves considering the interests of customers in decision-making processes and cultivating strong and trustworthy relationships with them.

Problem Solving:
Employing systematic reasoning and methodologies to address problems by generating effective solutions; thoroughly exploring diverse sources of information to obtain answers;
Adept at identifying concealed issues;
Proficient in conducting unbiased analysis;
Delving beyond surface-level observations and avoiding premature conclusions.

Effective Communication:
The aptitude to articulate thoughts and ideas with precision during verbal exchanges and engagements, while adapting the substance of speech to suit the comprehension and familiarity of the listeners.
Planning involves the utilization of planning skills to effectively schedule activities and allocate resources in order to accomplish a specific objective.

The capacity to discern between satisfactory standards and outstanding standards while consistently upholding a high level of work performance.

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