Coordinator: Traineeship (Emerging Talent) (x2)


Coordinator: Traineeship (Emerging Talent) (x2)

Position Reports to: Manager: Learning and Development (Emerging Talent section)

Division: Undertaking Plan – Endeavor

Area: Dooringkloof

Advert Shutting Date: 25 October 2022

About the Position

A thrilling open door is accessible for a self-propelled Facilitator who flourishes in a high paced climate and is energetic about youth development.
The ideal up-and-comer will be expected to give far reaching preparing coordination, resource and travel the executives support for everyday office activities and implement SARS arrangements and methodology as per the relevant SARS frameworks.

Work Reason

To facilitate and support preparing program/s as set out inside the extent of the relevant development esteem chain.

Instruction and Experience

Relevant National Diploma/Advanced Certificate (NQF 6) AND 2-3 years youth/graduate development program coordination and administrative support insight, of which 1-2 years in a perfect world at knowledge specialist level.

                                                                                                  On the other hand

Senior Certificate (NQF 4) AND 6 years youth/graduate development program coordination and administrative support insight, of which 1-2 years in a perfect world at knowledge specialist level.

Work Results:


Drafting of Student Movement Manuals.
Quality Confirmation of the Student Movement Manuals.
Give coordination support to the Arising Ability Group.
Accumulation of the WSP.

Observing the preparation and development of graduates.
Oversee and follow the Expert Information of graduates.
Fascination of graduates through profession presentations and other obtaining strategies.
Coordination support of the Student The executives Framework.

Populate and give data to the SETA.
Guarantee that the movement coordinated operations are set up and concluded.
Make acquisition shopping baskets.
Require minutes of gatherings.
Guarantee Resource The executives Consistence.
Start to finish coordination support to the projects.

Successfully use assets apportioned to the task to perform contracted work results and report on and heighten any deficiencies.
Apply circumspection, knowledge, and judgment to accomplish predefined targets inside unambiguous principles.

Guarantee the trustworthiness and nature of all information gathered and distinguish and heighten related issues.
Direct examination as and when expected to research areas of worry to determine issues and distinguish new arrangements.
Apply and use frameworks in a way that guarantees productive and successful help conveyance, streamlined quality, monetary exactness and computation.

Create and keep up with useful working associations with peers, SARS job players and outsiders to accomplish predefined targets.
Accurately apply appropriate regulation, including among different arrangements, methodology, and SOPs in the conveyance of work yields.
Successfully plan and timetable own exercises to work on quality and administration conveyance in area of specialization persistently.

Execute process and procedural change, carry out the change and give rules and support connected with new prerequisites because of the change.

Utilize down to earth and applied knowledge and situational judgment to think about arrangement suggestions and to come to choices/end results.
Aggregate data and give reports suggestions appropriate to area of specialization.

Apply down to earth and applied knowledge and act legitimately on strategies, frameworks and methodology to distinguish patterns and expected gambles.
Correspondence of situational understanding and judgment of work results and questions in area of specialization.


Guarantee that finished work stick to relevant arrangements, methodology, administration and authoritative prerequisites and report on deviations and inconsistencies.
Go along to set administration and consistence methodology and cycles connected with an area of specialization and persistently distinguish and heighten gambles.


Create and keep up with useful working associations with companions and colleagues to accomplish predefined targets.


Stick to authoritative arrangements and methodology to guarantee cost viability and decrease of monetary expenses.


Add to a culture of administration greatness, which fabricates positive connections and gives a potential open door to criticism and extraordinary help.
Guarantee own comprehension and adherence to client assistance conveyance and give expert support to meet or surpass client assumptions.

Conduct capabilities

Theoretical Capacity
Authoritative Mindfulness
Precise Comprehension

Client assistance
Thoughtfulness regarding Subtleties
Obligation to Consistent Learning

Building Maintainability
Scientific Reasoning
Reasonableness and Straightforwardness
Trustworthiness and Respectability

Specialized capabilities

Utilitarian Arrangements and Methodology
Arranging and Putting together
Occasions, Meeting or Undertaking The executives
Business Knowledge
Effectiveness Improvement

Consistence Capability

GOC Classified

Business Value

The Business Value strategy of SARS will be considered as a component of the enlistment and determination interaction and People with Incapacities are urged to apply.

Effective up-and-comers will be expected to embrace a promise of mystery, pre-business screening, contextual investigation, pre-evaluation, psychometric evaluation or potentially reviewing, and a statement of private premium.
The arrangement is additionally liable to suitable reference(s) and exceptional status where appropriate.


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