Learnership Salary :
R3738,25 per month


Eastern Cape Region:

– St. Albans
Ref No: E01/2022
– Amatole
Ref No: E02/2022
– Kirkwood
Ref No: E03/2022
– East London
Ref No: E04/2022
– Sada
Ref No: E05/2022
– Mthatha
Ref No: E06/2022

Free State & Northern Cape Region:

– Groenpunt
(Ref No: E07/2022)
– Grootvlei
(Ref No: E08/2022)
– Colesburg
(Ref No: E09/2022)
– Kimberley
(Ref No: E10/2022)
– Upington
(Ref No: E11/2022)
– Goedemoed
(Ref No: E12/2022)
– Bizzah Makhate
(Ref No: E13/2022)

Gauteng Region:

– Leeuwkop
(Ref No: E14/2022)
– Kgoši Mampuru II
(Ref No: E15/2022)
– Baviaanspoort
(Ref No: E16/2022)
– Zonderwater
(Ref No: E17/2022)
– Johannesburg
(Ref No: E18/2022)
– Boksburg
(Ref No: E19/2022)
– Modderbee
(Ref No: E20/2022)
– Krugersdorp
(Ref No: E21/2022)

Kwa-Zulu Natal Region:

– Durban
(Ref No: E22/2022)
– Kokstad
(Ref No: E23/2022)
– Pietermaritzburg
(Ref No: E24/2022)
– Ncome
(Ref No: E25/2022)
– Empangeni
(Ref No: E26/2022)
– Glencoe
(Ref No: E27/2022)
– Waterval
(Ref No: E28/2022)

Limpopo, Mpumalanga & North West Region:

– Polokwane
(Ref No: E29/2022)
– Barberton
(Ref No: E30/2022)
– Bethal
(Ref No: E31/2022)
– Klerksdorp
(Ref No: E32/2022)
– Rooigrond
(Ref No: E33/2022)
– Rustenburg
(Ref No: E34/2022)
– Thohoyandou
(Ref No: E35/2022)
– Witbank
(Ref No: E36/2022)

Western Cape Region:

– Drakentstein
Ref No: E37/2022)
– Allandale
(Ref No: E38/2022)
– Brandvlei
(Ref No: E39/2022)
– Pollsmoor
(Ref No: E40/2022)
– Goodwood
(Ref No: E41/2022)
– Southern Cape
(Ref No: E42/2022)
– West Coast
(Ref No: E43/2022)
– Voorberg
(Ref No: E44/2022)
– Overberg
(Ref No: E45/2022)
– Breede River
(Ref No: E46/2022)


Basic enlistment requirements:
South Africans who have successfully achieved the National Certificate in Vocational Studies (NQF Level 4)
South Africans who have finished Grade 12
Or any other equivalent qualification
South Africans who have been awarded a Certificate of Higher Education and Training after achieving the required level of academic achievement (NQF Level 4).

Candidates who possess an extra qualification(s), such as a certificate, diploma, degree, or trade certificate in the disciplines listed below are strongly encouraged to submit an application: Corrections, Penology, and Criminology, Agriculture (including Agriculture Economists, Agriculture Engineering, Agriculture Management, Animal Health Technicians, Animal Production, and Plant Production), Artisans (all fields, particularly Baker/Pastry Maker, Boiler Maker, Bricklayer, Cabinet Maker, Construction Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter and Turner, Furniture Machinist/Polisher, Gunsmith, Locksmith, Millwright, Painter, Patternmaker, Plumber, Sheet Metal, Spray Painting, and Upholsterer), and The additional qualification (or qualifications) will not be recognized for the purpose of the stipend that was paid or for any future payment.

As part of the selection process, applicants will be requested to submit themselves to a test of their physical fitness as well as a medical examination (which will include a drug test).
In addition, applicants must be citizens of South Africa and meet the following requirements:
They must be between the ages of 21 and 35;
They must possess a strong character;

They must be physically fit and mentally resilient;
They must be willing to disclose the information required to process their applications;
They must be prepared to undergo personnel suitability checks related to their background, citizenship, qualifications, and criminal record;
They must be law-abiding citizens and they must not have any criminal records (details of pending or decided criminal cases that relate to This is the FET.
Learnership in Correctional Services, Level 4, National Qualifications Framework Certificate.

The learnership is meant to help towards alleviating the skills gap in the Department as well as in South Africa as a whole.
It is outcome-based.
A legally binding agreement between the employer, the student, and the service provider forms the foundation of the Learnership program.

The Correctional Services Learnership Programme will be delivered over the course of a single year, and it will be comprised of the following components: 30% theoretical or instructional learning and 70% workplace learning.
Theory In addition to the other theoretical modules, the 30% intense instructional learning theory will involve training in firearms, as well as physical and self-defense training.
This training will take place at selected certified DCS institutions.

During this round of training, complimentary lodging, food, training materials, and uniforms will all be supplied to participants.
The mandatory theoretical training stipulates that the student must attend the training institution on a full-time basis in order to fulfill the requirements of the program.
Training on the Job Approximately seventy percent of the learning that takes place on the job takes place in correctional centers and social reintegration or community corrections offices. Learners will continue to receive a stipend while they are in this phase.

The learners are expected to be responsible for their own transportation, as well as their lodging and food expenses.
During the theoretical as well as the practical training, the employer is not required to offer a pension fund, housing allowance, housing subsidy, danger allowance, medical assistance, or overtime.
This rule applies to both phases of the training.

After the learner has successfully completed the instructional learning phase, the workplace learning phase, the final submission of the Portfolio of Evidence (POE), and the successful external verification by the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority, the learner will be considered competent.
This means that the learner is qualified to perform the task at hand (SASSETA).
The Department of Community Service must take action in line with Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998, in the event that a learner violates or deviates from the terms of the learnership agreement throughout the course of the year.

Learners who complete the program and meet all of the requirements will be awarded a FET Certificate in Correctional Services upon reaching this milestone (NQF Level 4).
Nevertheless, upon successful completion of the qualification, the Department of Correctional Services does not promise employment on a permanent basis.

For Questions, use contact below as per Province:

Eastern Cape Region:
Mr Ndlela HH Tel No: (043) 706 7834
Ms Myataza Z
Tell (043) 706 7866
Ms Mgugudo N
Tel No: (043) 706 7882
Mr Ndonyela N
Tell No : (043) 706 7883.

Free State & Northern Cape Region:
Mr Gouws W/ Ms Mkuni NJ
Tel No: (051) 404 0268
Ms Molutsoane N/ Ms. Moreki-Rathaba MP/ Ms. Ramncwana B
Tel No: (051) 404 0283.

Gauteng Region:
Mr De Bruin CR
Tel No: (012) 420 018
Mr Masango SS
Tel No : (012) 420 0173
Ms Feni SAP
Tel No: (012) 420 0173
Ms Makwarela P
(012) 420 0179.

Kwa-Zulu Natal Region:
Mr Somaru RK
Tel No: (033) 355 7365
Ms Mchunu GJ
Tel No : (033) 355 7386
Ms Mkhize AL
Tel (033) 355 7370
Mr Khumalo SB
Tel(033) 033 355 7368.

Limpopo, Mpumalanga & North West Region:
Ms Sibiya MK Tel No:
(012) 306 2025
Mr Ziqubu Z
Tel No: (012) 306 2025
Ms Nomvela PM
Tel No: (012) 306 2033
Ms Lekhuleni TD
Tel No: (012) 306 2034.

Western Cape Region:
Ms NA Mdladlamba
Tel No: (021) 550 6014
Ms A Reddy
Tel No: (021) 550 6059
Mr BD Tsewu
Tel No: (021) 550 6052
Ms NC Sotyibi
Tel No: (021)550 6054.


The Regional Offices address & contact details are indicated below.

Eastern Cape Region:

The Regional Commissioner Eastern Cape.
Recruitment Section, P/Bag X9013, East London.
Alternatively, applications
may be handed in at Moore Street, Block E Ocean Terrance, Quigney, East
London, 5211

Free State & Northern Cape Region:

The Regional Commissioner Free
State & Northern Cape, Recruitment Section, P/Bag X20530, Bloemfontein, 9300
Alternatively, applications may be handed in at 103 Zastron Street,
Agrimed Building, Bloemfontein, 9300

Gauteng Region:

The Regional Commissioner Gauteng, Recruitment
Section, P/Bag X393, Pretoria, 0001.
Alternatively, applications may be delivered at 04 Ketjen Street, Pretoria West (Kgoši Mampuru II, Training Centre)

Kwa-Zulu Natal Region:

The Regional Commissioner:
Kwa-Zulu Natal,
Recruitment Section, P/Bag X9126, Pietermaritzburg, 3201.
applications may be handed in at Correctional Services, Eugene Marais Road,
Napierville, Pietermaritzburg, 3201.

Limpopo, Mpumalanga & North West Region:

The Regional Commissioner Limpopo, Mpumalanga & North West, Recruitment Section,
P/Bag X142, Pretoria, 0001.
Alternatively, applications may be handed in at
Cnr Johannes Ramokhoase (Proes) & Paul Kruger Street, 196 Masada,
Building, 09th Floor, Pretoria

Western Cape Region:

The Regional Commissioner Western Cape,
Recruitment Section, P/Bag X14, Goodwood, 7459. Alternatively, applications
may be handed in at Peninsula Drive, Monte Vista, 7460.


DATE OF CLOSING: the 31st of January, 2023


Be sure to fill out the application form for the Corrections Learnership 2022/23.
The application may be picked up in the Management Area or Community that is most convenient to you.

Corrections, Correctional Centres, Regional Offices, and/or the Head Office are all possible names for this kind of facility.
Under the heading “Forms” on the Department of Child Support’s website (, the forms may also be found.
Take notice that these forms are not available for purchase at this time.
Please call the Departmental Investigation Unit Hotline at 0800 701 701 or send a fax to the number 012 323 7901 to report any instance of corruption you come across.

Include the learnership reference number in your application (for example, “KwaZulu-Natal Region: Durban (Ref E22/2022)”).
It is imperative that the applicant personally completes and signs the application form in its entirety; a proxy, agent, or representative of the applicant may not do so.
Fill out the appropriate section of the application form with the right reference number for the management area to which you are applying in the block designated for that purpose.

Further down this page, you’ll find a list of the reference numbers. Include copies of your credentials and a document verifying your identification.
Only the applicants who are ultimately selected for further consideration will be asked to provide certified copies of their credentials and identification documents.
No applications that are received after the deadline, that are incomplete, or that are not signed will be considered.

In addition, applications that are photocopied, faxed, or emailed will not be considered valid submissions.
Photocopies of completed forms will not be accepted.
It is recommended that you submit your application for enrollment in a learnership within the Management Area that is located closest to your home.
This is because you will be responsible for providing your own means of transportation and lodging while participating in experiential learning.

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