Countrywide Apprentice Opportunities For Youth(Min. Grade12/N2/N3)


Apprenticeship INFORMATION

Application Deadline : 2023/03/03
UNI221202-3 is the reference number for this phrase.
Apprenticeship Business Unit / Division Head Office Contract Head Office – HRD is the Job Title for This Position.

Classification of Different Types of Jobs
Limited in Time
Location: Countrywide
Location: Africa, South

Summary of the Apprenticeship

Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions is South Africa’s biggest supplier of logistics and supply chain services, and the company’s operations span all nine of the country’s provinces.
Apprenticeship opportunities are now available for anyone interested in pursuing a career in diesel mechanics.

Candidates who meet the requirements will be invited to enroll in a three-year apprenticeship program that includes both theoretical and hands-on learning experiences.
Apprentices will graduate from the program with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform relevant servicing of diesel engines and electrical systems, inspecting vehicle engines and mechanical/electrical components to accurately diagnose issues, and performing routine maintenance work with the goal of increasing vehicle functionality and longevity.

Apprenticeship Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 12/Matric certificate
  • Certificates at the N2/N3 level minimum, in the following :
    • Mathematics,
    • Engineering Science,
    • Technical/ Engineering Drawings
  • Must be a citizen of South Africa.
  • Possessing a driver’s license with a code 14 might be beneficial.

Apprenticeship Duties & Responsibilities
Education in theory

Acquire an awareness of the safety precautions in the Workshop
Identification procedures for keys and locking devices, including proper care and use of any relevant equipment in the trade
The joining of the substance with the metal.
Acquire an understanding of the pressure testing
A familiarity with removing, evaluating, and replacing cylinder heads is required.
Instructions for carrying out maintenance on the vehicle
The ability to evaluate and detect problems with air braking systems
Evaluation on how to operate the fuel injector pump
Have a working knowledge of engine troubleshooting, testing, and adjustment procedures
Education and training in the real world of work

Assist licensed mechanics working on the floor with any and all repairs that need to be done.
Always make sure the working environment is clean and uncluttered.
While working under the direction and supervision of a certified Diesel Mechanic to diagnose problems with gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles and to perform necessary repairs
Learn all of the duties that are performed by the technical components found on automobiles, as well as how to disassemble and reassemble them in order to solve any issues.
Must be able to do well under intense time constraints.
Maintain clear lines of communication with both your employees and your clients.
Carry out your call-out responsibilities with a licensed mechanic.


When hiring both internally and outside, we are dedicated to following Employment Equity guidelines.
It is the policy of the organization to provide promotions to current employees if that option is available.

In light of this, I want to make sure that you are aware that internal candidates will be evaluated first before examining applications from the outside, provided that this helps us reach our Employment Equity objectives.


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