Department of Defence is Hiring x17 Groundsman Posts



Closing date is 14 July 2023@16:00

A. REF NO SFHQ/21/21/23/03 (X3 POSTS)
The annual salary for this position is R125 373 (Level 02).
Joint Operations, SA Special Forces, Special Forces Headquarters.

B. REF NO: SFHQ/21/21/23/11 (X6 POSTS)
SALARY : R125 373 per annum (Level 02)
Joint Operations, SA Special Forces, 5 Special Forces Regiment Phalaborwa

C. REF NO SFHQ/21/21/23/12 (X3 POSTS)
SALARY : R125 373 per annum (Level 02)
Special Forces School (Pretoria) Murray Hill Wallmannstall.

D. REF NO SFHQ/21/21/23/18 (X2 POSTS)
SALARY : R125 373 per annum (Level 02)
Joint Operations, SA Special Forces, Special Forces Supply Unit

E. REF NO: DI/22/21/23/03 (X3 POSTS)
SALARY : R125 373 per annum (Level 02)
Defence Intelligence (SA Defence Intelligence College) (SADIC) Monument Park.


ABET Level 1-4 (Grade 3-9) or equivalent.

Special requirements/Skills needed:

A familiarity with a few tasks that are performed repeatedly, such as those involving equipment, gardening, health and safety measures, and procedures for handling incidents.
Literacy and numeracy, as well as interpersonal and organizational skills, the ability to operate simple machines and equipment, and mechanical aptitude are all prerequisites.


Putting in physical labor to ensure a consistently high level of cleanliness throughout the gardens, facilities, and grounds by ensuring that groundsmen:
Putting in place in gardens various kinds of vegetation, including trees, flowers, bushes, grass, and so on.
The process of preparing the ground for the planting of plants. In areas where it is required, perform maintenance on flower and other beds by fertilizing, irrigating, pulling weeds, and pruning.

The task of mowing lawns and cutting grass edges is included.
The process of loading and unloading a wide variety of items that are required on the grounds onto and off of trucks.
The process of watering grass lawns. removing garbage from the area and loading it onto trucks in preparation for transportation to a garbage dump.
Maintaining the cleanliness and order of other structures located on the grounds (such as parking areas, barbeque facilities, ditches, and gutters).

Taking care of the fences.
Practice pest control.
Contribute to the process of getting the grounds ready for events.
Ensure that all of the machinery and equipment is in working order.
Notifying the relevant Sections of any terrain deficiencies so that they can take corrective action. Maintain a focus on safety while utilizing all of the equipment for each and every task.


For Headquarters

Maj S.D. Mabaya Tel No: 012 674 5822
Or WO2 L.J. Thubakgale Tel No: (012) 674 5845

For Phalaborwa

Warrant Officer Class 1 L. Fourie
Or Ms H.A. Baloyi
Tel No: (015) 780 4610

For Special Forces School (Pretoria)

2 Lt E.O. Maselwane at Tel No: (012) 529 1766
S Sgt F.C. Magata at Tel No: (012) 529 1742

For Special Forces Supply Unit (Wallmansthal)

Capt K.O. Bulannga or WO2 M.J. Tladi.
Tel No: (012) 529 1434/38

For (SADIC) Monument Park.

S/Sgt Mukwebo at Tel No: (012) 315-0909.
Or WO1 Y.D. Dyers at Tel No: (012) 315-0959

APPLICATIONS should be sent to the Department of Defence:

A. South African Special Forces Headquarters, Private Bag X888, Pretoria 0001.
B. Department of Defence, 5 Special Forces Regiment, Private Bag X 01029, Phalaborwa, 1390.
C. Department of Defence, Special Forces School, Private Bag X6, Pretoria, 0120.
D. Department of Defence, Special Forces Supply Unit, Private bag x3, Pyramid
0120 or hand delivered at SFSU (Wallmansthal).
E. Department of Defence, SA Defence Intelligence College (SADIC), Private Bag X3003, Monument Park, 0105. (208 Johann Rissik Drive, Waterkloof Ridge)

Tips on completing the Z83 Government Application Form


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