Department of Education x270 Examination Assistant And x1183 Quality Assurers Posts

Department of Education

Examination Assistant x 270 And Quality Assurers x 1183 Posts

Mr. Harry Culling, Enquiries
To reach us, please dial 010 601 8082.
Email Address: [email protected]
Closing Date : September 15, 2023

The Gauteng provincial government is dedicated to racial and gender equality in the workplace, as well as other forms of diversity.

It is imperative that the reference number of the position be included in the application; failure to do so will result in the application being disregarded.

Examination Assistant x 270

Reference Number Description
HO23 Head Office
GN23 Gauteng North
GW23 Gauteng West
TN23 Tshwane North
TS23 Tshwane South
GE23 Gauteng East
EN23 Ekurhuleni North
SE23 Sedibeng East
SW23 Sedibeng West
JE23 Johannesburg East
JN23 Johannesburg North
JS23 Johannesburg South
JC23 Johannesburg Central
JW23 Johannesburg West
TW23 Tshwane West
ES23 Ekurhuleni South

Quality Assurers x 1183 Posts

Reference Number Marking Centres
Alberton 1 Alberton High School
Bracken 2 Bracken High School
Bryanston 3 Bryanston High
Ferndale 4 Ferndale High School
Greenside 5 Greenside High School
Alberton 6 Hoërskool Alberton
Birchleigh 7 Hoërskool Birchleigh
Die Adelaar 8 Hoërskool Die Adelaar
Dinamika 9 Hoërskool Dinamika
Elspark 10 Hoërskool Elspark
UJ-Metropolitan 24 UJ-Metropolitan High
Westridge 25 Westridge High
Florida 11 Hoërskool Florida
Garsfontein 12 Hoërskool Garsfontein
Linden 13 Hoërskool Linden
President 14 Hoërskool President
Jeppe 15 Jeppe High School for Boys
Krugersdorp 16 Krugersdorp High
Mondeor 17 Mondeor High
Nokuthula 18 Nokuthula ELSEN
Parklands 19 Parklands High School
Parktown 20 Parktown High for Boys
Queens 21 Queens High
Rand Girls 22 Rand Girls High
Rand Park Ridge 23 Rand Park Ridge High

Directorate: Examinations Management
Package: As per applicable Personnel Administrative Measures (PAM) rates


A valid academic credential recognized in the field:
Matric or equivalent qualification.
Only current college students, recent graduates, and the unemployed who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher are eligible to apply.
Candidates must have strong numeracy skills, with Mathematics or Accounting studied at an advanced level.
Students in their second year or higher of college will benefit the most.
If you have worked as an Examination Assistant (at a marking facility or in an administrative capacity), please describe your relevant experience.
The ideal candidate will be able to meet demanding deadlines because of the time-sensitive nature of the work.

Examinations Assistant at Exams District & Head Offices

For a list of useful digits, see the table up top.
Scripts are received, inspected, controlled, scanned, and packed daily for marking, and archived after marking in an index.
Make sure the right number of scripts and marksheets are received, counted, scanned, and packed for the right marking venue for each batch, subject, paper, and examination session.
Verify that the aforementioned inconsistencies are resolved on a per-batch, per-subject, per-paper, and per-examination-session basis.
Bags should be labeled with the appropriate color code for the marking venue, and each script should have two copies of the MP Flow control list of contents.
Make sure each marking location has a copy of the scripts that need to be sent out by creating a marking center file.
Help get scripts sent off to the grading centers.
Marked scripts will be received, managed, and stored centrally for easy access.

Quality Assurer at Marking Centres

For a list of useful digits, see the table up top.

Incoming command; please hand out marking scripts.
When marking, make sure each batch has the appropriate number of scripts and marksheets.
Help with script management, circulation, and scanning.
Make sure you’ve answered all the questions, added up the correct points, and transferred those marks to the front of the script.
Verify that the sum from each script has been entered into the marksheet accurately.
Make sure the marking teams resolve any discrepancies in the aforementioned areas and update the script and marksheet accordingly.
Check the total number of scripts, keep them under control, and then organize them by topic, paper, and number for archival storage after grading.


Applicants who have taken the VSP, are currently employed elsewhere, or who are taking the 2023 National Senior Certificate/Senior Certificate and AET Examinations are not eligible to apply.


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