Department of Higher Education and Training New Job Posts

Department of Higher Education and Training New Job Posts


Office of The Director-General
Executive Support and Administrative Services

(This position has been re-advertised, and candidates who have already applied for it may do so again.)
CENTRE: Pretoria


An appropriate National Senior Certificate/Grade 12 certificate (Vocational) (NCV) Level 4 certificate.
A valid driver’s license is essential.
At least four years’ worth of experience working as a driver or messenger for the government.
A familiarity with the locations at which the function is going to be carried out.
A working knowledge of the database to enable the capture of forms.

The ability to compile logbooks requires knowledge.
Exceptional skills in organization and managing one’s time effectively.
Strong abilities in administration, interpersonal relations, and communication respectively. A solid understanding of computers.
A competent approach to filing and recordkeeping.


Collect and deliver confidential documents from the Presidency, Ministries, and National Departments;
Collect and deliver confidential documents and related items from the outside.
Collect and deliver mail to and from the Post Office, as well as related items;
Transport official documentation to the Regional Office and other Colleges or other department locations on a daily basis, while conveying messengers, Drive DG, guests, and officials in the office when required; work closely with the Ministry;
Travel to Cape Town when required;

Cars from the company’s fleet are assigned to employees and subjected to regular inspections to check their roadworthiness before being picked up or delivered.
Drivers are also required to promptly report any incidents or accidents that occur and to inform their supervisors of any vehicle problems they discover.
You will be responsible for sessional workers and will assist with administrative tasks such as filing trip sheets, compiling overtime claims, and ensuring that the correct odometers are recorded for each vehicle that is used.

Mr. R. Kgare can be reached at (012) 312 5442;
Ms. N. Liwane can be reached at (012) 312 6365;
And Mr. D. Moyane can be reached at (012) 943 3105.


REF NO: DHET182/05/2023
Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Northern and Western Cape Regional Office
R147 128 036 per annum (Level 03)
Location : CAPE TOWN


An appropriate National Senior Certificate/Grade 12 certificate (Vocational) (NCV) Level 4 certificate.
A valid code 08 driver’s license.
A course in fundamental safety precautions as well as fundamental education and training.
Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PRISA) registration is required for the following: Possess at the very least a Grade C Security certificate or one of a higher level, and be willing to continue maintaining your firearm competency.
A minimum of one (1) to two (2) years of relevant experience working in an environment requiring security.

Knowledge of the measures for the control and movement of equipment and stores.
Knowledge of the prescribed security procedures and the authority of security officers under these documents.
Knowledge of the relevant emergency procedures.
Reading, writing, language, operating equipment, literacy, communication (verbal and written), managing people, problem-solving, planning, and organizing are all required skills.
Having the ability to work under pressure, being adaptable, maintaining high levels of confidentiality, having integrity, and being disciplined are all important qualities.
Putting an emphasis on providing excellent customer service; being committed; taking initiative; being loyal; and upholding ethical standards.


Carry out duties relating to access control.
Make sure that the building and the grounds around it are safe.
Monitoring the entrances and exits of the building and ensuring that no unauthorized individuals are able to gain access, as well as ensuring the security of office equipment, documents, and storage areas;
Preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the building.
Make sure that every incident is properly documented in the appropriate occurrence books or registers.
Any and all other responsibilities that are delegated by superiors.


Mr. R. Kgare can be reached at (012) 312 5442;
Ms. N. Liwane can be reached at (012) 312 6365;
Mr. D. Moyane can be reached at (012) 943 3105.


Branch: Skills Development
Directorate: Indlela Artisan Training and Assessment

R147 036 per annum (Level 03)
CENTRE: Olifantsfontein


Passed Grade 10 or an ABET Level 3 certificate, in addition to relevant experience working in a general labor capacity.
A certificate demonstrating basic literacy.
Strong familiarity with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Able to carry out general maintenance work using hand tools and power tools, as well as perform repairs.


Extensive familiarity with troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving issues with both pieces of equipment and materials.
Effective communication abilities


Good listening skills.
Ready to carry out the instructions given by the supervisor.
Interpersonal skills to engage in pleasant conversation with residents and employees of the building.
Problems with leaking, clogging, or drainage can be fixed with fundamental skills.
Fundamental abilities in technical areas.


Will include performing inspections and determining which pieces of machinery or equipment require maintenance.
Carries out routine maintenance and repairs that do not call for the expertise of a specialist technician.
Make necessary improvements to the building by repainting, repairing doors and other components, and changing the light bulb in the office.

Maintains the building’s systems by performing routine maintenance on them.
Performs cleaning duties and assists with the general maintenance of the facilities.
Performing repairs on electrical wiring that has suffered only minor damage whenever there is a wire shortage or a wire has been severed.
Putting potential safety hazards out of commission in order to prevent injuries.
When the previous paint on the building has become chipped or faded, it should be repainted.


Mr. R. Kgare can be reached at (012) 312 5442;
Ms. N. Liwane can be reached at (012) 312 6365;
Mr. D. Moyane can be reached at (012) 943 3105.


REF NO: DHET187/05/2023
Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Gauteng and Free State Regional Office

Salary: R147 036 per annum (Level 03)
CENTRE: Bloemfontein


An appropriate National Senior Certificate/Grade 12 certificate (Vocational) (NCV) Level 4 certificate.
Candidates must possess a PSIRA.
Certificate with a grade of C and a valid driver’s license are required.
Minimum of one (1) to two (2) years of Security Officer experience.
A familiarity with departmental policies.
Strong familiarity with MISS and MPSS.
Administration expertise and report writing skills.

Excellent knowledge of the Access to Public Premises and Vehicle Act’s regulations.
Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Report writing, planning, organizing, oral and written communication, and problem-solving abilities are required.
Administrative skills.

Perform effective access control on the property.
The proper control of keys is delegated to security and the register book.
Registration of visitors and applicants entering the building.
Conduct hourly effective patrols of all buildings on the premises, perform fire equipment checks throughout the premises, and report any malfunctioning equipment.
Investigate all incidents and generate an initial report.


Mr R Kgare’s telephone number is (012) 312 5442;
Ms N Liwane’s is (012) 312 6365;
Mr D Moyane’s is (012) 943 3105.


Applicants can apply online on the New Z83 form by visiting the Departmental Website (click the “apply now for posts” button)

And following the simple instructions.
Upload a CV, copies of all qualifications (including matriculation), identity document, valid driver’s license, and any other required documents.
Closes July 7, 2023.


Completed and signed Z83 forms and detailed CVs will be considered.
User guides and “how to” videos will help with form and digital signature competitions.
Only shortlisted candidates must submit certified copies of qualifications and other supporting documents before the interviews.
The applicant must have SAQA evaluate foreign qualifications.
Race, gender, and disability-representative candidates will be preferred.

The Department will inform shortlisted SMS candidates of a technical exercise to test job-related technical skills.
Candidates must pass a Competency Assessment.
SMS applicants need the Pre-entry Certificate.
Preentry certificate completion and submission are required for appointment.
Visit for more information. Candidates must sign an annual performance agreement, disclose financial interests, and undergo security clearance.

Please assume your application was unsuccessful if you haven’t been contacted within three months of this advertisement’s closing date.
Criminal record, citizenship, qualification/study, and employment verification will be performed on qualified candidates.
Late applications are rejected.
“DHET promotes equality and affirmative action.
The Employment Equity Plan will govern the appointment.
Disability applicants are encouraged.
Race, gender, and disability representation in the organization is our goal.

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