Driver Job Available In KZN (Matric Wanted)

The Bev Company Vacancy

Driver Job


Reference : 1080859
Annual compensation in the range of ZAR85,000 to ZAR95,000, with a provident fund and medical insurance coverage
Amanzimtoti is the location of the job in South Africa’s eThekwini Metropolitan Area.

Type of Employment Permanent
Date and time of posting: Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Closing date 31 Jan 2023 23:59

The Most Important Responsibilities and Results

Oversee and exercise complete management and command of the delivery process.
Get ready for the delivery the next day.
Observe the technique for starting the engine.
Make sure that independent driver inspections of the truck stock are carried out in their entirety and signed appropriately.
Travel to the Customer in accordance with the delivery schedule and the route that was set.

Ensure that the goods is delivered successfully.
Bring your goods back to the warehouse within the allotted window of time.
Every piece of paper has to be signed, collected, and sent back in its whole.

Show that you provide an exceptional level of service to your customers.

Maintain an excellent level of customer service throughout the delivery process.
Be respectful and courteous to customers and consumers in order to live up to the standards set by The Beverage Company.
Make sure that the customers are kept updated about what it is that they are getting as well as the progress that is being made in off loading

It is important to make sure that continual communication can be maintained with the Distribution Controller or the Expeditor so that feedback on the execution and any delays that may occur may be provided.

Protection of People and the Natural World

Make certain that the working environment is risk-free, safe, and healthy.
Observe the rules and procedures pertaining to health and safety, as well as any laws that may be relevant.
Before each travel, check to see that the Pre-Trip Inspections have been carried out.
It is management’s responsibility to be informed of any Pre-Trip inspection findings that are non-compliant.

At all times, driving in the Green Band is to be performed.
During each and every loading process, the Truck Lock Out Procedure must be carried out.
At all times, each and every one of the laws and regulations regarding traffic must be adhered to.
All regulations pertaining to safety, health, and the environment must be adhered to.
The vehicles have to be kept tidy and attractive at all times.

Observance of Regulations Regarding the Safety of Food

Dedication to the Food Safety policy of The Beverage Company and the goals it aims to achieve
Capacity to comprehend and adhere to all of the regulations governing food safety

Observance of, and compliance with, food safety policies, standard operating procedures, and preventive control measures
Maintain Good Manufacturing Regulations (GMPs) and behave oneself in a way that is compatible with current food safety practices.

Uphold excellent standards of cleanliness and hygiene with regard to the equipment, buildings, and overall working environment.
Informed and watchful of the dangers of food defense and food fraud
Foster a culture of food safety that is proactive, supportive, and ever-expanding throughout the organization.
Never make any concessions in terms of the product’s quality or safety.

Collaborate with the internal food safety team in order to realize the organization’s objectives of maintaining GFSI certification and continuously improving the quality of the service they provide.

Accurate vehicle checking as well as loading and unloading of cargo

A separate check was performed on each shipment to confirm that the right amounts were delivered.
The recording of returns in an accurate manner
Keep up a line of communication that is unambiguous and efficient with the Warehouse Supervisor and the other members of the team.
Every piece of paperwork filled out in a correct and exhaustive manner

Qualifications, as well as Previous Work Experience

Grade 12 / Matric / NQF level 4
Code 14 Drivers License
PDP (Essential)
Up to three years of relevant experience (Operational Execution) FMCG


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