Driver Post Available at Department of Health



REF NO: CCRC/DR/01/04/2023
Administration and Support Directorate
ANNUAL SALARY: R171 537 in addition to other benefits
Cullinan Care and Rehabilitation Centre
CLOSING DATE: 26 May 2023@12 noon.


Grade 12 / Matric. A valid code 10 (C1) a valid driver’s license that includes a P.D.P.
2 years’ worth of experience working in the field of driving.
Strong communication abilities both orally and in writing.
Be ready to put in extra hours as a standby driver on nights, weekends, and holidays.
Time management, self-control, and undying devotion are necessary qualifications.
A familiarity with and comprehension of the various road signs and regulations.


Working as a Driver for a Messenger Service:
Patients are driven to a variety of facilities for consultations, checkups, and follow-up care, and this service is provided.
Help get members of the staff to the various locations where meetings and workshops are being held.
In order to transport department of social work personnel for the purpose of family tracing. to retrieve and deliver medication that has been ordered from a medical depot.

To assemble and deliver a variety of documents to their respective institutions.
Before and after each journey, make a record of the state of the vehicle and conduct a thorough inspection of any problems you find.
(On a daily basis, perform a pre-trip inspection as well as an after-trip inspection, and fill out the inspection tool).
Before you use the vehicle, you need to make sure that it is safe for the road.

Please let the transport officer know about any accidents or dents that have occurred.
Check to see that the tools for the car are in good condition.
Make the appropriate calculations for the starting kilometers and the ending kilometers.
Always ensure that the logbook is up to date.
At the end of each month, make sure to close and sign the logbooks, then hand them over to the officer in charge of transportation.

Make sure that all of the keys and fuel cards are returned with the logbook and that they are stored in a secure location.
Maintain an up-to-date log sheet and turn in all fuel receipts to the officer in charge of transportation.
As soon as you have the authorization for the trip, you need to make sure that you fill out all of the necessary information.

Applications must be hand delivered to the following address:

Cullinan Care and Rehabilitation Centre, Zonderwater Road, Cullinan, or posted to Cullinan Care and Rehabilitation Centre, Private Bag X1005, Cullinan, 1000. INQUIRIES: Mbinga MN Tel No: (012- 734- 7000)
OR Applications must be hand delivered to the following address:
Cullinan Care and Rehabilitation Centre, Zonderwater Road, Cullinan

Tips on completing the Z83 Government Application Form



Employment applications must be completely filled out, started, and signed by the applicant. Failing to do so will result in the applicant being disqualified from further consideration during the selection process.
When submitting a CV, only sections A, B, C, D, and F need to be fully filled out.
Sections E and G can be skipped over as long as the relevant information is attached.
It is necessary to sign the declaration.

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