Driver Post Available at Healthchem

Healthchem Group (Pty) Ltd


Centurion, Gauteng
Posted 08 July 2023
Closing Date 23 July 2023

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Job Details

Healthchem Pharmacy
Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Job functional area
Contract term
R84 000 – R90 000 per annum

Introduction to the Job Description

The Midstream location of Healthchem Group (Pty) Ltd currently has an opening for a Code 8/10 Driver.
You will be expected to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of required goods in order and in good condition to the appropriate customer as per the given instructions.

Driver Minimum Requirements.

Valid for Grade 12 or Matric with English. Code 8/10 License to drive a vehicle
2 years’ relevant door to door delivery experience
Willing and able to work the hours and/or shifts required in the retail sector


Previous experience in a role that is comparable is required

Particulars of the Driver Job.

Monthly inspection check lists of vehicles are required to be completed at the designated location with the inspector.
Responsible for any and all deterioration or loss that may occur during the delivery process.
In charge of the Petrol card and ensuring that correct odometer readings are used whenever fuel is added to the vehicle.
Fuel card can only be used for the car it was purchased for and cannot be transferred to another vehicle.
to report any problems with the vehicle or damage to it on the same working day to the Manager.
You are under strict orders never to use the vehicle for any personal trips or stops, including mealtimes like lunch and tea.

Tracking devices, such as GPS, are installed in the vehicles, and any irregularities will result in disciplinary action being taken.
Deliver products to customer locations in a prompt, safe, and courteous manner while ensuring product safety.
Be willing to educate yourself on the many different dispatch functions.
Check to see that the appropriate items are sent to the appropriate customers within the allotted amount of time.

Make it a point to give priority to the deliveries of the refrigerator line and to transport them using cooler boxes and cold packs.
Take the path that is both the quickest and most direct route to the customer and then back to the shop.
Immediately after making a delivery, you should make your way back to the store so that the vehicle can be used to make a second or third delivery.
After the delivery has been completed, check that the vehicle has been repacked to prevent any boxes from falling and causing damage to either the stock or the vehicle.
Take full responsibility for any and all losses and damages that occur during the delivery process.

When delivering products that are either fragile or hazardous, exercise extra caution.
Maintain compliance with predetermined levels of effectiveness and precision in order to fulfill requirements set by the organization.
Follow the manager’s instructions regarding delivery and pickup, and make sure that all collections, store returns, and inter-branch transactions are appropriately checked, signed for, and brought back to the receiving area.

Ensure that all paperwork pertaining to delivery is signed upon delivery;
Ensure that customer names and addresses are accurate;
Ensure that all invoices recorded on the delivery log sheet are available and correctly recorded; Ensure that all invoices are signed in the appropriate manner;
Ensure that any discrepancies are reported to the appropriate manager.
Always act in accordance with the policy regarding the company vehicle.
Ensure that your vehicle’s logbook is complete and accurate at all times.

Perform cash and electronic fund transfers on all of the transactions.
During the process of delivery, you must make sure that the vehicle is never left unattended.
Make sure the car is spotless and freshly washed.
Before, during, and after trips, conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle to look for any damage and ensure that it is in a safe operating condition, and report any concerns to the manager.
Please provide a report on any and all accidents and incidents that involved company equipment or drivers.

Respect the legislation that governs road traffic, including the rules and regulations outlined in the National Road Traffic Act.
You are responsible for any traffic fines that are issued to the vehicle that you drive. In order to improve operational efficiencies, you should cultivate productive and efficient relationships with both internal and external customers.
Create a lasting relationship with your customers by providing service that is both prompt and courteous.
Maintain a level of professionalism at all times when interacting with customers.
Please provide feedback, including customer complaints, compliments, and requests, and report them to management.


Be familiar with the paths and the names of the streets in the designated area/s.
Competence in speech and listening
English that can be relied upon and is sincere – reading, writing, and speaking it
Have the ability to communicate with customers, management, and staff in a proactive manner in order to foster cooperative relationships.
Time management, deadline driven and attention to detail Particular aspects of the working environment:
Citizen of South Africa with a valid MIE, no criminal record, and credit
Have the flexibility to adjust your working schedule to meet the requirements of the company
Working Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., plus two Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Report any inappropriate or suspicious behavior relating to either the staff or the customers in both languages.

Particular aspects of the working environment:

willing and able to work the hours and/or shifts required in the retail sector
Willingness and ability to work outside, in a variety of environments and climates, is required.
Capable and physically fit to lift and move heavy boxes while maintaining compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations
Valid driver’s license
Have access to dependable transportation or live in close proximity to the establishment in question.
A native or resident of South Africa
Clean history with the credit bureaus and the law.


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