Driver Vacancy Opening at Motus Grade 12 Required

Driver Vacancy

Motus Aftermarket Parts

Job Details

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Posted 07 March 2023
Closing Date 11 March 2023

Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Job functional area
EE Status
Only open to EE candidates

Description of the Driver Job

It is the responsibility of this role to ensure that all procedures are carried out in the appropriate manner and that all goods are delivered to and from in a secure manner.

Driver Requirements:

Grade 12
At least three years’ worth of experience in delivery
Driver’s license that is current and includes the PDP

Driver Essential

Good time management skills- Essential
Competence in speech and listening
Capability of performing well under pressure Must be truthful and demonstrate integrity.
Sober habits
Clear criminal record
The scope of Key Performance Indicators does not restrict itself to the following:

Prior to departure as well as upon return, the vehicle will be inspected.
Every Monday, the inspection lists are to be returned to the Dispatch Supervisor so that she can sign them off and then a new inspection list will be distributed.
Before the vehicle can leave the premises, any errors that have been discovered on the vehicle need to be reported straight away.
Always follow the New Dispatch Loading procedure, which includes double-checking the packages with the supervisor before loading them into the vehicle.

Taking responsibility for delivering packages to customers along your assigned route in accordance with the route schedule and trip sheet.
Ensure that the customer follows the POD procedure at all times.
Follow the protocol outlined in the RFC.
Providing all of the documents and collection slips that have been assigned to your trip sheet, as well as receiving POD.
Make sure that all of the documents that were assigned to your name are complete and that they are returned the following day after you have signed the trip sheets at the POD clerk’s desk.

You are going to be held responsible for any outstanding trip sheets, and you will be held liable for any claims that arise from No pod queries.
There are to be no stock transfers between the different customer shops.
Performing routine maintenance and cleaning on the vehicle, as well as reporting any issues with the vehicle straight away to the shift supervisor.
Please let the dispatch supervisor know about any issues that have arisen with regards to the deliveries or PODs.

A Statement of Equity

At Motus, we are committed to Employment Equity both internally and externally, when we are recruiting new employees.
It is the policy of the company to give promotions to current employees whenever that option is available.
Because of this, I want to make sure that you are aware that internal candidates will be considered first before reviewing applicants from the outside, provided that this helps us achieve our goal of Employment Equity.

Please be advised that applicants who have not been contacted within two weeks of the application deadline must consider their submissions to have been unsuccessful.


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