Fidelity Is Seeking Duty Driver

Fidelity Services Group

Duty Driver

Parow, Western Cape
Posted 07 July 2023
Closing Date 21 July 2023

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Duty Driver Job Details

Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Security and Investigations
Job functional area

Description of the Duty Driver Job: FCS

In accordance with the Direction of the Operations Manager

This position cannot be filled at our Parow Branch at this time.
The primary responsibility of this position is to provide transportation to and from work for employees who work the night shift.

Minimum Duty Driver Requirements:

Clear criminal record
PSIRA accredited with a qualification of at least a Grade C is desirable (but not required).
Code 8 driver’s license or higher and current PDP required.
Two years’ worth of driving experience minimum required.
Possess excellent communication skills
Capable of working under duress Capable of performing their duties during the night
Be ready to drive in areas with a high potential for danger.

Details of the job include the following (this list is not exhaustive):

Complete and total responsibility and answerability for the transportation of employees
Putting away of business automobiles
Please inform the Operations Manager of any delays as soon as possible.
The reporting of incidents and the prevention of accidents
Keep radio contact with the controllers at all times.
Act preventively in response to any behavior that raises your suspicions.
Carry out inspection of the vehicle and finish the checklist.
Responsible driving is required at all times, as is the recording of any collisions or other incidents.

Other Aspects of a Person’s Personality:

Be truthful and dependable at all times.
It is required that you have strong verbal and language skills.
Must take a commanding role
Must be capable of inspiring oneself.
Capabilities for problem-solving

Core Competencies:

Abilities in communication
Emphasis on the customer
Collaborative Efforts


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