Fidelity Services Group Hiring Driver CIT

Fidelity Services Group

Driver CIT

Rustenburg, North West
Closing Date 22 February 2024

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Job Details

Minimum experience
Company primary industry
Security and Investigations
Job functional area

Job description.

The position described above is currently open at our Rustenburg location.
The overarching objective of this position is to transport crewmen and custodians in order to collect and deliver money belonging to customers, as well as to provide proof of delivery and collection procedures.

Certain Minimum Prerequisites :

Unblemished record of criminal activity
PSIRA accredited with a grade C degree or higher as a minimum qualification
It stands for cash in transit.
For the purposes of conducting business, a certificate of firearm competency, with a minimum of a handgun the qualification.
Both a valid driver’s license with a minimum code of C1 and a valid personal identification document (PDP) are required.
At least two years of experience working in the security industry or in a role that is comparable (beneficial at FSG)
able to perform well under intense heat
To be physically fit

Specifications of the Job (not all of which are included):

Complete and total responsibility and accountability for the collection and delivery of money from customers Report any and all delays to the Operations Manager as soon as them occur.
The prevention of incidents and their reporting
Continue to communicate with the controllers via radio.
Take preventative measures in response to any activity that seems suspicious.
Perform an inspection of the vehicle and finish the checklist.
Drive the vehicle in a responsible manner and make sure to document any accidents or incidents that occur.

Other Characteristics of the Personality:

Be trustworthy and honest at all times.
Possessing strong verbal and linguistic abilities is required.
The need to be assertive
Required to be self-motivated
Take care of the details when it comes to customer service and relations.
The assurance of quality
Able to put in extra hours of work
Willing to go on a trip

Fundamental Capabilities:

Development of oneself
A skill set in communication
Concentration on the customer
Joint Efforts
The right to decline an appointment to any position that has been advertised is reserved by our company.


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