Service of Collection Clerks

Before releasing the order, verify payment received via cash receipt or eft with the accounts department (person on floor from finance) as specified in the Department ISO Process.
Request for valid identification in accordance with the Department ISO Process. ID photocopy / PO document
As much as possible, stamp and release orders over the counter. Roller doors should only be used for bulky or heavy items.
If the order is not ready, communicate with the warehouse to complete the order and have it sent to dispatch.
Ensure that credits are issued for orders that have been invoiced but have not been collected within 48 hours.
The collection clerk is in charge of ensuring that the correct customer receives the correct goods in the correct quantity.
There will be no clerks.No clerk is permitted to leave the front counter unattended at any time.
All problems must be reported to the superior immediately

Customer Contentment

The clerk must always be appropriately dressed and professional.
Make certain that the correct order and quantity of parcels are handed over to the correct customer at the counter or at the roller door.
As per the linked targets, ensure that customers are assisted promptly and efficiently.
Customer service entails greeting all customers professionally and courteously.
Respond effectively and efficiently in a timely manner to all related phone and e-mail inquiries.


Always wear safety equipment (shoes and overalls).
Always follow the Occupational Health and Safety Act and ISO requirements.

Always keep your work area neat and tidy.
Experience and qualifications:

Matric with two years of clerical/dispatch experience preferred

Knowledge and abilities:

Knowledge of general administrative processes, procedures, and policies is required.
Excellent communication skills and knowledge of facility layout
Excellent interpersonal skills
Excellent written and verbal communication abilities

Desired Skills:

Good communication skills
Good knowledge of facility layout
Good written and verbal communication skills
Good people skills

Desired Work Experience:

1 to 2 years

Closing date is the vacancy is 18 June 2022.

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