General Worker Job Available In KZN (Grade 12 Required)

The Beverage Company Vacancy

General Worker Job


Reference : 2080323
Annual compensation in the range of ZAR50,000 to ZAR62,000, with a provident fund and medical insurance
Amanzimtoti is the location of the job in South Africa’s eThekwini Metropolitan Area.

Type of Employment : Permanent
Date and time of posting: Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Closing date is the 31s Jan 2023 23:59

The Most Important Responsibilities and Results

General Work
Maintain a daily cleaning plan with regard to all of the specified locations that have been assigned to you by the appropriate Supervisor.
Bring all of the soiled overalls that have been left in the changing rooms to the washing room.

Dump rejected soft drinks into the dumping bay
Comply with all of the department’s quality criteria
Comply with all of the department’s health and safety regulations Dumping bay
Ensure that appropriate sanitization practices are followed throughout the working area.
Ensure that one’s activities do not put themselves, their coworkers, the equipment, or the property at risk.

In the policy and procedure manual for the management of physical contamination, it is stated that all staff members are required to be aware of the risk of introducing physical contamination to products.
The staff is well-versed in the control systems that have been put into place to protect against the introduction of physical contaminants.

In accordance with the Safety, Health, and Environment Policy, workers are obligated to use all of the care that may reasonably be expected of them in order to avoid exposing themselves to any possible dangers to their health or safety.
In the event that there is an accident, the workers should be acquainted with the procedure for reporting the incident in order to avoid any confusion.

The First Aid Policy mandates that employees be informed of the existence of a first aider at the site where they are working.
The personnel receives training that teaches them they are responsible for informing the supervisors or first aiders of any injuries or diseases that they may experience.
Conversant with the relevant information, policies, processes, and procedures applicable to the company

Policy Regarding Visitors and Contractors The staff is responsible for ensuring that visitors and contractors who enter the facility are signed in, escorted, and wear personal protective equipment (PPE), that they are aware of the hygiene policies, and that they do not smoke, eat, or drink while they are inside the facility.

In line with the code of conduct, the personnel is required to maintain high standards of personal hygiene at all times.
Handwashing Procedure include ensuring that employees thoroughly clean and sanitize their hands before handling the product in question.
Policy and procedure for controlling physical contamination say that staff members should know that physical contamination of products is possible.
The people who work there know about the controls that are in place to keep physical contamination from happening.

According to the Safety, Health, and Environment Policy, employees are expected to take all reasonable steps to protect their health and safety.
If there is an accident, the staff should know how to report it.

First Aid Policy:

Employees are told that there is a first responder on site.
The staff is taught that if they get hurt or sick, they should tell their supervisors or the first aiders.
Familiar with the company’s important facts, policies, processes, and procedures
Upholds the performance requirements that were established.

Achieve and maintain compliance with all applicable legislative and statutory requirements
GMPs should be enforced, and companies should behave themselves in a way that is compatible with current food safety procedures.
Attend training and put into practice what they learn from the training that has been recommended for them in regards to quality, food safety, and health and safety.
Be wary of food defense and food fraud hazards
Uphold an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness throughout the working environment.


It is your responsibility to guarantee that housekeeping is carried out, as well as to ensure that all items and activities are kept and carried out according to the housekeeping policy within the marked areas (green red and yellow areas)
Familiar with the pertinent information, policies, processes, and procedures pertaining to the firm
Upholds the performance requirements that were established.

While Job Descriptions are written to provide a basic outline of the duties and responsibilities associated with a job, the company encourages and expects all employees to assist with work that may not be a direct part of their job description from time to time.
While Job Descriptions are written up for the purpose of providing a basic outline of the work and responsibilities associated with a job,

Qualifications, as well as Previous Work Experience

Grade 12 / Matric / NQF level 4 (Essential) (Essential)
Up to three years of expertise in the field of operational execution in the FMCG industry

Important Aspects


  • Communication that is routine and takes place in conjunction with instructions, requests, or regular job duties

Problem Solving

  • The proactive identification of issues that are tangible and procedural, the application of established remedies in accordance with the rules that are supplied, or the escalation of more complex problems to higher-ups.

Relationships That Are Preserved

  • Others in the same job area as you.


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