General Worker x 9

General Worker x 9

Work Area

  • South Africa – – City of Cape Town Metro – – Goodwood – – Epping Modern

Work Type
Full Time

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Shutting date
11 Oct 2022 23:59

General Worker


Responsible for own work inside characterized working methodology, guidelines and work schedules.

Shutting DATE: 11 October 2022

Work Reason

To give general work where required, including cleaning and different capabilities expected to help the activity.

Key Accountabilities and Results

General Work

Follow day to day cleaning plan for regard of all assigned regions as distributed by the significant Manager.
Gather filthy overalls from change rooms and convey them to the clothing.
Dump reject soda pops into the unloading straight Submit to all quality guidelines set up inside the Division Maintain all wellbeing and security principles set up inside the Creation Office

Guarantee great housekeeping principles are stuck to inside working region
Guarantee activities don’t jeopardize oneself, individual representatives, hardware or property
Adherence to the wellbeing, security, food and ecological principles

Staff will stick to all Food handling Arrangements and PRP’s and will stick to and implement all food handling prerequisites consistently
Staff will stick to Wellbeing, Security and Ecological Arrangements and PRP’s and will stick to and authorize all Wellbeing and Wellbeing prerequisites consistently

Guest and Worker for hire Strategy – staff will guarantee that guests or workers for hire entering the office are endorsed in, accompanied and wear PPE, know about the cleanliness arrangements and don’t smoke, eat or drink inside the office

Code of Training – staff will keep up with elevated degrees of individual cleanliness as per the overarching set of principles
Handwashing Methodology – Guaranteeing staff are cleaning and disinfecting hands proficiently prior to taking care of the item.

Actual Defilement Control Strategy and Methodology – Staff will know about the capability of actual item pollution. Staff knows about control measures to forestall actual defilement.

Wellbeing, Wellbeing and Climate Strategy – Staff go to sensible lengths to guarantee wellbeing and security dangers don’t happen. Should a mishap happen, staff will know about the methodology of revealing the occurrence.

Emergency treatment Strategy – Staff know about the first aider on location. Staff is prepared to report wounds and sickness to managers/first aiders.
Acquainted with significant business data, arrangements, cycles and methodology

Keeps up with anticipated execution guidelines
Implement consistence with significant administrative and legal prerequisites
Implement GMP’s and behave in a way favorable with food handling rehearses

Go to Preparing and implement learnings from the preparation for Quality, Food handling and Wellbeing and Security that been recommended for them
Be cautious of food protection and food misrepresentation gambles
Keep an elevated degree of housekeeping inside the workplace

Dependable to guarantee housekeeping is performed and guarantee that all items and exercises are put away and are executed inside the differentiated regions as indicated by the housekeeping strategy (green red and yellow regions)

Acquainted with significant business data, arrangements, cycles and methodology
Keeps up with anticipated execution guidelines
While Sets of expectations are reviewed with the end goal of a fundamental framework of the work and obligations related with the Gig, the
Organization energizes and anticipates that all representatives from time should time, to help with work that may not be an immediate aspect of their responsibilities portrayal

Capabilities and Experience

Grade 12/Matric/NQF level 4 (Fundamental)
Upto 3 years experience (Functional Execution) FMCG
Key Characteristics


Routine correspondence regarding guidelines, solicitations or typical work undertakings
Critical thinking

Proactive distinguishing proof of issues that are concrete and procedural, apply known arrangements in accordance with rules gave or heighten more troublesome issues to bosses.
Connections Kept up with

Others in own workspace
Conduct Capabilities

Verbal Correspondence

Ready to impart verbally in a consistent way.
Considers the target group while imparting verbal data.
Utilizes suitable business language in verbal correspondence.

Remembers all significant data for verbal contentions.
Exhibits capability of language in verbal correspondence.
Deciphers complex data to offers own point of view in verbal correspondence.
Finishes up verbal contentions by making reference to significant realities
Independent direction

Coordinates data to make it more straightforward to investigate or see patterns.
Expects outcomes and figures out other options.
Lays out clear choice standards for settling on informed decisions.
Looks for significant data to all the more likely figure out circumstances and issues.

Conducts suitable investigation; neither one of the settles on snap choices or over-examinations.
Sees connections between different realities, figures or other data.
Consistent Improvement

Increments execution assumptions when achievement has been accomplished
Searches out wellsprings of data, including exchange affiliations, “best practice” organizations, clients, peers, subordinates, and so forth.

Tracks down ways of fasting adjust improvement thoughts to work processes
Proactively searches out assets, partnerships, and so forth, expected to present enhancements rapidly
Coordinated effort

Helps other people with their work.
Meets responsibilities to colleagues or others in the association.
Effectively adds to group conversations and the achievement of collaboration plans.
Shares aptitude and assets to help other people address their requirements.

Looks to incorporate every one of the people who can add to the best result and the individuals who have a stake in the outcomes and effectively keeps all partners informed.

Endeavors to revitalize group processes when progress is slacking: stays connected in any event, when not in that frame of mind with the group’s heading.

Achieves allocated undertakings and objectives: makes fundamental moves to keep progress against targets on target.
Readies a guide for progress.
Guarantees that all who need to be aware, are clear about the arrangement.

Assumes complete ownership for own activities and results, including botches.
Continuously acts in the organization’s wellbeing, whether or not it is troublesome or disagreeable.
Guarantees others are on target for accomplishing their objectives.


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