Grade 10 or ABET Required For x17 Cleaner Jobs in Gauteng

Gauteng Department of Health Careers


Reference Number :
Directorate :
Support Service

The total number of posts is 17.
The package includes salary of R 107 196.00 per year.
Have Questions?
Contact Ms. BP Mathe at the following number:
(011) 489 0584

Cleaner Requirements:

ABET,Grade 10 or equivalent official education report.
Strong communication abilities both orally and in writing.
Reading and writing skills are required.
Capacity to operate effectively under time constraints and to carry out normal responsibilities.

Required must be available to work rotating shifts, weekends, and holidays, as well as night shifts.
Employees of EPWP will be given preference over other applicants. Employment standards could include things like gender and color, both of which have received less coverage in the area.
The ability to use various pieces of cleaning equipment effectively will be an asset.

White males and females, Indian males and females, and Colored males and females, as well as Colored males and females, are all encouraged to apply for the position in order to address the Employment Equity agenda in accordance with the Employment Equity Plan of the institution.

Cleaner Duties:

Cleaning floors, lifts and stairs, washing windows and mirrors, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, cleaning wards, managing waste and collecting healthcare risk waste consumables, offices and non-clinical areas within the hospital, and removing general and medical waste from designated areas within the hospital are all part of the routine cleaning services that need to be performed using a variety of different cleaning aids.

Other duties include the removal of general and medical waste from specific areas within the hospital.
Carry out any additional cleaning tasks that have been assigned to you by the team leader or the supervisor.


In the areas of race, disability, and gender, Helen Joseph Hospital is devoted to the mission of achieving diversity and redress, and it will work to advance representation.
When it comes time to fill the open positions, the Institutional Employment Equity Plan will be taken into consideration.

The New Version of Z83 Form, which may be obtained from any Public Service Department or online at, is the only acceptable format for application submissions.

A curriculum vitae that has been freshly updated should be included to the form once it has been filled out and signed.
When applying for this position, certification of copies is not required.

Only applicants who have been selected for further consideration will get notification from the HR department about the criteria for verified papers.
As a result, only those individuals who have been selected for the position will be asked to present papers that have been certified on or before the day of the interview in response to a notification from HR.

Candidates who are selected for an interview will have their health monitored by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHS), as stipulated by the HBA regulations contained within the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993.
A reference check and verification of their qualifications will also be carried out.

Applications :

Have to hand in your application to the Helen Joseph Hospital, which is located at No. 1 Perth Road in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.
(There is a box for applications at the entrance of the hospital; ask the Security Officers who are working for help).

Application alternative:

Applications may be sent to Helen Joseph Hospital Private Bag X 47, Auckland Park, 2006 with the attention of the department of human resources.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE That there are no application fees required for positions within the Public Service.
In the event that you are solicited for payment, please report this to the appropriate authorities.
On the closing date, applications must be received no later than 12:00 noon (local time).

Department of Health and Human Services,
The Helen Joseph Hospital may be found here.
Date of expiration:
January 13th, 2023


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