Grade 10 to 12 Wanted For Government Has Open Driver and Receptionist Posts


Post 1: Driver or Messenger Post

CLOSING DATE : 15 September 2023 at 16:00

3/2/1/2023/569 IS THE REFERENCE Number
SALARY: R171 537 per year (Level 4), as of the current year
Directorate: District Office
Mpumalanga (Gert Sibande District)


Applicants are required to have a driver’s license.
Grade 10 Certificate or another qualification recognized by the Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) program.
A minimum of seven months’ worth of relevant experience is required.

Knowledge pertinent to the position:

Having familiarity with the city or cities in which the function will be carried out.

Occupationally relevant skills:

Capacity for organization.
Strong verbal and written communication skills are required.
Communication abilities as well as literacy fundamentals.
an individual who is dependable and inventive, as well as someone who can work well under pressure and as part of a group.


Transporting passengers in light and medium vehicles as well as delivering other items (mail, documents, and office equipment) is part of your job.
Acquire, disseminate, and maintain control over the movement of documents.
Perform routine maintenance on the vehicle that has been assigned to you and report any defects as soon as possible.
It is important to conduct a vehicle inspection both before and after each trip in order to guarantee that the vehicle is in top shape at all times.

Completing all of the necessary and prescribed records and logbooks relating to the vehicle and the goods handled is a requirement.
Maintain accurate and up-to-date trip sheets in accordance with the agenda; this includes recording daily mileage and official travel.
Collect any documentation, related items, or other items that are related to the Department, its branches, colleges, or any other component that is housed within the Department, and then deliver them to any relevant external parties.

Maintain both order and safety in the circulation of documents by imposing strict controls on their movement.
Involve yourself in the day-to-day operations of the registry.
Take notes on newly received correspondence and assist with locating the appropriate file.
Make copies and fax over the documents.


Ms. ZP Hadebe, please contact us at (013) 754 8020.


Applications may be mailed to:
Private Bag X11305, Mbombela, 1200 or hand delivered during office hours to:
17 Van Rensburg Street, Bateleur Office Park, 7th floor Block E, Mbombela, 1200.
Both methods are acceptable for submitting applications.


Applicants of African, Colored, Indian, and White Males and Colored, Indian, and White Females, as well as Persons with Disabilities, are strongly encouraged to submit their applications.


REFERENCE: 3/2/1/2023/570
SALARY : R171 537 per annum (Level 4)
CENTRE : Directorate: Quality Assurance and Administration:
Northern Cape (Kimberley)


In order to apply, prospective students need to have completed their high school education.
There is no prerequisite of prior experience required.

Acquiring knowledge that is pertinent to one’s job:

Microsoft’s software distribution. Etiquette for using the telephone is a skill that is relevant to certain jobs.
Having strong verbal and written communication skills is essential.
Skills relating to interpersonal interaction.
Having the ability to operate the switchboard.
Capacity to become familiar with the various service delivery components provided by the Department.
Capability to take charge and make decisions independently.
Capability of working without constant supervision.
Capacity to arrange one’s work in a logical manner.
Capability to assign appropriate priorities to different tasks.


Take in incoming phone calls and messages, as well as channel them to the appropriate role players.
When necessary, you should take notes of the messages.
Quickly disseminate any messages that need to be delivered.
Respond as quickly as possible to all customers and visitors who are relevant officials.
Please accept our greetings, and we will do our best to direct you to the appropriate department.
Take care of any questions or concerns that any of the customers may have.
When requested, provide customers with fundamental information regarding the services offered by the Department.

Maintain communication with staff members both inside and outside the organization.
Please provide the necessary information in accordance with the request.
Maintain constant coverage of the switchboard by providing timely responses to both incoming and outgoing calls.
Maintain an up-to-date database of other significant contact numbers throughout the process.
In the event that it is necessary, report any problems with the telephone system.

Utilize the Telephone Management System in order to maintain a constant eye on the cost of the company’s telephone service.
I am responsible for screening and forwarding calls.
Take in the messages that are being transmitted over the phone.
Perform administrative tasks such as operating office machinery such as photocopiers and fax machines.

When necessary, ensure that the internal telephone directory is kept up to date.
When necessary, the internal telephone directory should be distributed to the various users within the organization.
Produce a monthly report detailing the costs incurred by each extension’s telephone usage.
It is important to keep the telephone directory updated.
Maintain an up-to-date directory of contact information for the officials.
Delete inactive users from the company’s internal directory.
Keep up with and exercise proper control over the visitor register at reception: Visitors are required to register.

Ms. T. Oliphant can be contacted at this number: (053) 830 4000 with any questions.


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