Grade 12 Needed for Process Operators Jobs In KZN


Process Operators Jobs

The deadline for submissions is January 23, 2023.
Structure of the Process Operators Organization Reference Number: 80020205
OME is an abbreviation for the Energy Operations Business Unit, which is also known as Energy Ops Or Natref Operations.
Location :
City/Town: Durban

Brief Description of the Role and Its Goals

Within the Sasol environment, a Process Operator is responsible for operating the process equipment and systems for a particular plant or unit in order to meet production needs in a secure and reliable way.

Description of the Recruitment Process and Key Responsibilities

Exercise your emergency and preparation response skills while also doing the necessary checks on the available safety gear.
Carry out a shift handover in an efficient manner.
Carrying out the gas test for the vessel entry and the hot work Combining the various process ingredients
Chemicals used in the manufacturing process and how they are handled Gathering of information for the shift log

Be safe in your conduct. Inspections of Operation Control Systems (OCS), such as Occupational Safety and Health, ISO 14001, 18000, and 9001.
Participate in incident / accident prevention Please report any and all deviations.
Clean plant / ensuring plant is cleaned
Exercises in emergency preparation that you are to monitor and report on Carry out jobs on the apparatus in accordance with the signed off procedures. Career Guide Successfully complete the required training for the permit.

Perform level standby
Take part in the root cause analysis and potential deviation analysis (PDA and PDA respectively) (RCA and risk assessments)
It is recommended that standard operating procedures be followed (Standard Operating Procedure)

After the installation, continue using the updated plant processes. Implement the PSM criteria (Process Safety Management) Take part in the beginning and ending of operations.
Observe the process for obtaining a permission to work.
adherence to the norms set by SHERQ (ISO, ASHAS and implemented)
SHERQ processes Participation and active involvement in the shift’s behavior-based safety program

Foster the alignment of work (such as between the maintenance and technical departments, for example).
Take part in the process of finding solutions to performance issues
Make use of the resources, such as raw materials and personnel, that are already there in the location.

Encourage a diverse employee pool in the company.
Assistance and instruction given to coworkers in specialized areas Responsible for one’s own level of skill on the plant Take charge of your own performance.
Get success by delegating responsibility to other people.
Embrace the core principles of the organization and work to ensure that team members do the same.

Make a contribution to the health and motivation of the team
Learn about the needs of the customers and make certain that the products and services offered fulfill those needs.
Establishing productive connections and working relationships with the P&SM, technical, engineering, and finance departments

Identifies and helps to sustain the interdependencies between things (synergies with own and other departments) Ensure a smooth handoff of work from your shift to the one that follows.
Support push for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE of the plant) Improve your performance by using innovative ideas and working strategies.
Functions of providing information and assistance with initiatives, as well as technical and support roles Contribute to the execution of organizational transformation projects within one’s own team

Process Operators Requirements

English, Mathematics, and Science for Senior Year of High School (Grade 12)
Driver’s license (Code 8/10)

Process Operators Min Experience

Experience working as a Process Controller at a Petrochemical Plant for a period of one year (Wish)

Process Operators Competencies

The fundamental capacity to carry out day-to-day operations, strategies, or projects is referred to as execution capability.

Self-Mastery entails accepting responsibility for one’s own development and moving it forward by increasing one’s level of self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback, and self-correcting.


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