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Bridgestone Corporation, a leader in providing advanced solutions and sustainable mobility worldwide, operates Bridgestone in Europe, CIS, the Middle East, India, and Africa (BSEMIA), with headquarters in Zaventem, Belgium.

We supply premium tire products in addition to a wide range of mobility and tire-centric solutions.
Our goal since Shojiro Ishibashi founded Bridgestone in 1931 has been “Serving Society with Superior Quality,” and we are working to accelerate sustainable mobility innovations and solutions with the help of our partners.
We are dedicated to facilitating easier, safer, more seamless mobility for our customers and society through innovative technology, enhancing how people move around, live, work, and play.

As the largest retailer in the tire industry in the EMIA region, Bridgestone also benefits from a sizable retail network spread throughout the area.
We have about 3,500 outlets spread out across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa thanks to 17 different retail partners, as well as about 2,500 outlets in India thanks to our partner network. This network provides a range of mobility options, services, and concepts.

This extensive retail network is one of the main reasons why Bridgestone takes pride in the solid relationships we maintain with everyday drivers.

In keeping with the “Bridgestone Essence,” our workplace is built on integrity and teamwork, where everyone can benefit from one another’s ideas and help realize future objectives.

People who can accept the challenge, unleash their creative potential, and contribute to the success of the company while exhibiting ownership, bravery, and agility are what we want to hear from.
We want you to improve your abilities, broaden your knowledge, and take pride in your accomplishments.


Job Objective

A General Worker / Tyre Fitter is needed. Based in Pomona and Bellvile, this position is regional.

You will see to it that all the tires are kept in good condition.

General Worker Responsibilities:

Maintenance of Tires

All cars must leave the yard with the required number of tires;
Every vehicle is checked at least once per month;
maintain the pressure and record pressure readings accurately on the survey sheet;
Take measurements of the tread depth in three different tread area sections and record them on the survey sheet;
Install valve extensions on all dual positions and valve caps on all wheel positions;

A Tyre Change Slip records every tyre movement;
Every wheel change must be done in accordance with SLA;
Match tread, size, and status mismatches while removing smooth tires;
Tires with pressure readings less than 15% of the suggested pressure should be removed and examined for irregularities;
As agreed upon by Bridgestone Commercial and the Client, brand tires;
Twist all of the wheels at least once per month;
a Tyre Action Report should be used to report all wheel issues;
Before installing tires, check and clean the rims.

Stock must be taken by size and brand number, and it must be reported to the customer every day in a Bridgestone Commercial Stock Book. (Close Stock Sheet by signing);
For identification, every tire in stock needs to have a brand number.

General Worker Safety & Health

Lift a car properly; use the right tools for the job;
Accurately appoint tires to rims;
Correctly install wheels on motor vehicles;
Wearing Bridgestone Commercial PPE at all times;
Use caution when handling tools and keep them clean at all times;

Make sure the workplace and the yard are always clean;
Tools and machines are always correctly and securely stored;
Dressing rooms are always tidy and presentable;
Make sure that none of the company’s property is harmed;
The packaging and markings on the tires are orderly and make identification simple;
Respect the Occupational Health and Safety Act’s requirements; guarantee that the company’s Facilities and personal protective equipment are in good, clean working order.


Record all tyre movements in a Bridgestone Commercial Tyre Change Slip Book; Record tire survey information in a Bridgestone Commercial Tyre Survey Book;
A Factory Control Book must be filled out for each tire delivered to the factory;
Maintain a Branding Register of all branded tires;
Every piece of paper needs to be kept safe and dry.

Client Relations

Maintain a positive working relationship with the customer.
Comply with all reasonable requests and instructions, whether given orally or in writing, that fall within the confines of one’s own line of duty.
Identify all maintenance-related problems and report them to the customer.
Maintain constant customer satisfaction.

General Worker Responsibilities in general

Once the torque wrench spring has been used;
Daily impact lubrication;
Daily water trap and compressor draining;
Daily maintenance of equipment storage;
Adherence to on-site health and safety regulations.

General Worker Requirements:

National Senior Certificate; Grade 12;
English fluency;
Two years of tire-related experience


JobReq ID: 47149
Type of work: On site
Type of contract: Open-ended/permanent
Full/Part Time: Full time
Location: Pomona, ZA, Gauteng

JobReq ID: 48616
Type of work: On site
Type of contract: Open-ended/permanent
Full/Part Time: Full time
Location: Bellville, ZA, Western Cape

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