Grade 12 Required For Motus Aftermarket Parts Cashier Careers

Motus Aftermarket Parts


Posted 28 August 2023
Closing Date 02 September 2023

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Job Details

Minimum experience
Company primary industry
Job functional area
EE Status
Only open to EE candidates

Description of the Job

Alert Engine Parts is looking for someone to fill the role of Cashier on their team in a variety of locations.
The primary responsibilities of this position are to accept payments, maintain accurate cash records, and keep accurate documentation of all transactions.

Essential Conditions:

Required Experience Working as a Cashier: 2–5 Years
Sincere, trustworthy, and exhibiting complete integrity at all times
Must be able to handle all cash transactions at the counter.
Carry out administrative tasks of a more general nature at the branch.
A fundamental understanding of Microsoft Excel
Free of both ITC and criminal records
The scope of Key Performance Indicators does not restrict itself to, but does include.

Cash Handling and Counting

Obtains payment from the public in exchange for services already provided by communicating with the client, attending to specific payment or sale enquiries, and/or providing information on prices for specific product categories.
Collect and count the payment that has been tendered, verifying the total against the amount that is owed, and/or seeking identification before performing checks, recording, and processing the cheque payment

Providing customers with receipts that accurately reflect the amounts they have paid and confirming their recordings with them
To guarantee that all inquiries from customers and financial transactions are responded to quickly and processed accurately in accordance with the policies that have been established by the company.

Rectification of Cash Flows

Performs a reconciliation of the cash that was received with the receipts that were issued to customers by separating the denominations of the cash and starting with the control counting sequence.
Putting together a final tally of cash and comparing it to the receipts that were used

Prior to submitting the check for additional processing, the steps of recording transactional details on the check, printing receipts against payment tender, and capturing details of overnight cheque deposits were completed.

Correcting any discrepancies in recording or counting that may have occurred prior to the cash being forwarded to be deposited by checking the cash receipts schedule and reports against the cash cheque totals with the immediate superior and/or the attending.

Keeping of records and documentation

Documentation and records of transactions are maintained by them.
Affixing duplicate receipts and deposit slips to the respective schedules, and filing the documents in chronological order
Having the ability to access and retrieve information as well as records in order to facilitate the resolution of specific enquiries.

Motus Aftermarket Parts
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

Motus Aftermarket Parts
Polokwane, Limpopo

Motus Aftermarket Parts
Colesberg, Northern Cape

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