Grade 12 Wanted For Hinterland Cashier Post

Company: Hinterland

Cashier Post

Closing Date: 19 September 2023
Location: Stella tak, North West
Department: Retail Management (Agriculture)
Reference Number: GC-6242

Under the Hinterland brand name, you can enjoy a variety of shopping opportunities at any of Hinterland’s 38 locations across four Canadian provinces. Participate in making a difference by relearning what is important to you.

Cashier Essential Conditions:

-The National Senior Certificate/Grade 12.
-Previous experience working as a cashier, preferably in a trainee or part-time capacity.

Cashier Abilities and Capabilities:

-Excellent abilities in the art of communication.
-Excellent proficiency with computers

What will be expected of you in terms of Cashier responsibilities:

-Managing the operation of and performing maintenance on front-end equipment:
-Restock items that are used up.
-The purchasing and handling of products.
-Transactions with customers.
-The equipment used at checkout is kept immaculately clean at all times, and any spills are cleaned up right away.
Throughout the day, packaging is stored, and it is kept as neat and tidy as possible.
-The merchandise is always neatly presented, clean, and in order.

-At all times, ensure that your workspace is secure and in accordance with the safety procedures and policy of the store.
-No items of a personal nature are ever allowed to be removed from the staff lockers.
-Always neatly groomed and presentable despite the circumstances.
-Excellent work with the clientele.


Because of our dedication to achieving transformation through the hiring of individuals from designated groups, individuals from these groups will be given preference when applying for open positions.
Please be advised that in relation to any and all appointments that involve dealing with cash or finances, a request for your consumer credit record will be made.

If you believe that you are able to contribute something of value to the company and if you satisfy the requirements that were outlined earlier, you are strongly encouraged to sign up and submit an application for the position.
If we do not get in touch with you within six weeks of the application deadline, you are free to assume that the information you provided in your application was not useful to us and that we were therefore unable to consider it for consideration.

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