Heavy Duty Driver x2 Jobs at Sasol in Free State


Heavy Duty Driver x2 Jobs

Requisition Number :   
Closing Date:                
08 February 2023
Operating Entity:           
EOP: Minning 
Org Structure No:          
Geographical Area:      
Free State Sasolburg, Drieshaft

Brief Description of the Role and Its Goals

It is the responsibility of a Heavy-Duty Driver to ensure that all materials, products, and shipments are transported in a secure manner and delivered on time.

Description of the Recruitment Process and Key Responsibilities

The loading, securing, and unloading of direct and indirect commodities at warehouses, OMEs, and suppliers must be done in a correct and safe manner (when required)
Taking care of, having custody of, and exercising control over the vehicle, as well as any and all assets and supplies that are pertinent to the conveyance.

Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to use the vehicle’s safety features in the proper manner while adhering to all applicable safety protocols.
Implementation of the proper personal protective equipment
Verify that the vehicle is always in a state that allows it to be driven on public roads, and keep a record of and report any deficiencies in accordance with the K53 criteria.

Carry out a pre-trip examination of the vehicle each day in accordance with the predetermined checklist and report any flaws you find.
At all times, compliance with the criteria for the logbook and key control
First-line vehicle maintenance includes things like refueling, checking the pressure in the tires, topping up the oil, changing the tires, and adjusting the torque on the wheel nuts, among other things.

Ensure that you comply with the instructions in accordance with the work criteria.
Give your supervisor the appropriate input on the way the task is progressing.
Toolbox talks, green area meetings, safety meetings, and morning meetings must be attended and participated in.
Inspection by Managers and Senior Managers, with the results of audits being acted upon.
Activities performed on a daily basis in accordance with the plan
Maintain adherence to the government charter and the legal frameworks

Maintain compliance with the operating needs and protocols of the location.
Ensure that each and every rule and regulation is followed.
Planning of one’s own activities, including preparing the most efficient route for a number of different stops

Improve your proficiency and abilities by participating in training courses and seminars according to the training matrix.
Determines one’s own requirements for personal training and growth, which are then included into a personal development plan and submitted for the supervisor’s approval.
By adhering to deadlines, you may help the company achieve its objectives and realize its vision.

Assist the natural work team in their day-to-day operations.
Assist the Supervisor as well as the Transport Manager with the training of newly recruited labor and drivers.
Maintaining productive connections with one’s clients, one’s peers, and one’s superiors

Identify potentially hazardous circumstances, and then take appropriate safety precautions.
Report dangerous circumstances / scenarios
Please report any changes to the timetable and the availability of samples.
Report all faults

Education at an Institution

  • Grade 12

Min Experience

  • 5-8 years of driving experience that is relevant
  • Certification as well as Membership in Professional Organizations
  • License to use Code EC with Pr DP


Collaboration is the process of working together with another person to create something.
Customer focus refers to maintaining attention on the wants and demands of customers and clients, attempting to anticipate those requirements, retaining sensitivity to customers while providing services for them, and being responsive to the expectations of customers.

Problem-solving is an iterative process that involves identifying a problem, looking for relevant information, and putting a number of potential solutions to the test until the issue at hand is resolved.
It requires perseverance , as well as analytical thinking, and critical thinking.

Self-Mastery entails accepting responsibility for one’s own development and moving it forward by increasing one’s level of self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback, and self-correcting.


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