Hollywoodbets Is Hiring in KZN ; X16 Continuous Improvement Officers

Hollywoodbets Is Hiring

X16 Continuous Improvement Officers

Continuous Improvement Officer (X16)
Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal
Posted 17 April 2023
Closing Date 24 April 2023

Business Unit
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Company primary industry
Gambling and Casinos
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There are wonderful openings available for X16 Continuous Improvement Officers at this time.
Do you believe you have what it takes to become the newest member of our Purple Star team?

The candidates who are chosen to fill the positions will be accountable for monitoring daily operational activities and reporting any deviations from standard operating procedures.
The ideal candidates will be those who are able to contribute, through operational surveillance, to the accomplishment of the company’s goals.

When You Use Hollywoodbets, You Will Be Able To:

Develop original ideas and make new things while working with a genuine team of people who share your enthusiasm for achieving your objectives.
Embrace the excitement and the challenges that come with working in an industry that is both dynamic and fast-paced.
Develop your skills with the help of our training programs and thrive in an environment that supports your professional growth.

What’s Required ;

Two to three years of experience working in the environment of retail operations.
A current and valid driver’s license in addition to at least two years of continuous driving experience.
Computer literate.
possessing the ability to work both day and night shifts.

An Advantage to Have:

Possess or be working toward the completion of a relevant certificate, diploma, or degree.

What Contributions You Will Make to the Brand:

Check to see that the appropriate cash handling precautions are being taken, which may include, but is not limited to the following:

Safe Opening.
Secure Termination.
Locked the administration door.
Float issuing.
Wire Transfers are used.
Bank Prep and dropping.
Currently transporting Cash.

In the following areas, conduct surveillance and report any irregularities:

Cash was handled or stored carelessly due to negligence.
If standard operating procedures for security are being adhered to.
Examples of security procedures include searching, opening,
and closing doors.
Please let us know about any branches that are opening or closing late.
the tidiness and general look of the branch and support center locations.
Inappropriate use of mobile devices by employees while they are on the job.
Check the head counts of the customers.
Promotional marketing done on location.

Variations in Health and Safety that can be seen.
Internal Audits as well as Compliance Audits are currently being carried out.
broken furniture, fittings, fixtures, or equipment that needs to be maintained or fixed in some way.
Ineffectiveness in providing customer service at branch and contract center levels, for example. There were no floor walks performed by the Team Leader, no interactions with customers, long lines, and frustrated customers among other issues.

A gathering of Team Members that accomplishes nothing or the waste of time while on active duty.
Poor member selection for the Team, for Example. the ratio of customer service representatives to total customers or the ratio of team members to total observed output.
members of the team who are either tardy for their shift or who leave early before their shift is over.
Members of the team were not dressed appropriately.
Members of the team using company property for their own personal gain.


Assist all of the Support Departments in the organization with any investigations that call for the viewing of CCTV surveillance footage. These investigations could concern any aspect of the business.
Provide assistance to area or regional managers with any investigations that call for the review of CCTV surveillance footage.
Assist with any questions regarding betting that require the viewing of footage from the CCTV surveillance system.
Maintain vigilance and report any Patrons or Team members who are acting in an odd or suspicious manner.

Please notify an employee if you see anyone who is not authorized in a restricted area, such as behind the counters, in an out-of-bounds area, or in the administrative or cash office.
Keep an eye on logged-on terminals that contain cash when they are unattended.
Locate and report any facial recognition cameras that are blurry, require maintenance or repairs, or are otherwise malfunctioning.
Contributing to the operational team’s efforts to resolve findings by engaging in conversation with the Operations Manager, the Ops Support Team, Regional Managers, and other department heads as necessary.
Assuming a leadership position within the task teams that are responsible for resolving incidents or facilitating long-term solutions from time to time.
Help with the review of operational policies and procedures based on what was discovered in the role.

Reviewing the productivity of the clerks, the profitability of the branches, and the reporting on the stakes in order to ensure that the focus areas have been prioritized and to review the effects of the resolutions that have been implemented.
Project management of the findings all the way through to the implementation of the resolution with the operational team.
ensuring that the function maintains its focus on continuous improvement and collaborating with the risk manager to ensure that the distinction between the responsibilities of the role of the surveillance team and those of the role of the continuous improvement team is always made clear.
Make sure there are enough people working in the department to carry out the level of surveillance review that has been agreed upon across the retail network and that has been outlined by the Operations Manager.

Other areas of concentration:

The company’s operations will, on occasion, call for comparable reviews of other business functions, including those pertaining to Team Support, iBranch, BSC, Events, Non-Gaming, and Star Zone functions.
For focus areas that are not related to retail, it will be necessary for the candidate to report to the top manager of each business unit on all findings and resolutions.

What Contributions You Will Make To The Team:

Clearly demonstrates the ability to pay attention to even the smallest of details.
Superior abilities in both communication and interacting with others.
Exhibit a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and motivation in the manner in which you carry out the work.
Maintains focus and perseverance despite challenges, ultimately resulting in successful outcomes. Admits their mistakes and works to correct them in order to prevent them from happening again. demonstrates a high level of dedication to one’s own work as well as a strong sense of personal responsibility.
Exceptionally high levels of both quality and standard have been demonstrated.


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