Learner Miner Post at Gold Fields Is Hiring

Gold Fields Is Hiring

Learner Miner Post

Location: Westonaria, South Deep, South Afric
DEPARTMENT: Human Resource Development
SITE: South Deep Gold Mine
The date of closure is February 2023.

South Deep is currently accepting applications!

This presents an opportunity for you to contribute your expertise to a dynamic and engaged team of professionals who are working together to become a source of pride for our people, our communities, our stakeholders, and our shareholders.

At South Deep, we recognize and appreciate the individual and collective contributions of each and every person, and we provide support for your ongoing development in order to assist you in achieving both your professional goals and our business goals.

South Deep Gold Mine is providing the opportunity to participate in a formal Learner Miner Learnership program to individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in mining and who are either prospective employees or prospective applicants from within our host communities.

One of the following would be required of you in order to be considered an applicant from a host community:

If you are a resident of one of our Host Communities, which include Bekkersdaal, Zuurberkom, Thusanang, Hillshaven, Westonaria, Poortjie, Simunye, Kalbasfontein, or Jachtfontein, or if you are a resident of any of the following:

Attained a high level of success in completing the 12th grade and/or matriculation at a school located within one of the Host Communities mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.

During the course of the program, learners will receive training that is based on real-world work experiences, which will enable them to successfully adapt to the working world and become employable upon completion of the program.

Certain Minimum Prerequisites:

The equivalent qualification is a N3 (with two languages passed), or the equivalent qualification is a grade 12 (NQF 4).
An experience in mining operations of at least two years is required.

A risk-based medical examination at the Gold Fields Occupational Health Centre will determine whether or not the applicant is medically fit for the position and environment.
Additionally, the applicant must satisfy the requirements of a Heat Tolerance Screening test, as well as any other tests that may be necessary to determine whether or not they are suitable for employment.

Principal Capabilities:

On the mine, you are required to comply with all of the health and safety rules and regulations.
Undergoing technical training in accordance with the requirements set forth by MQA and DMRE throughout the Training Program

Ensure that your performance remains consistent in accordance with the scheduled technical evaluation cycles.
Accept personal responsibility for directing your own professional development and initiating conversations about professional advancement.

Obtain feedback by actively engaging with the Human Resources Development and Technical Oversight team.
Observe the policies, conditions of employment, and code of conduct that have been established by the company.
Fostering a culture of teamwork and being an efficient member of those teams

It is imperative that you adhere to the core values of South Deep Gold Mine, which include safety, integrity, respect, responsibility, innovation, and collaborative delivery.
Highly proficient in both oral and written communication in the English language
It is important to take note that the Gold Fields code of conduct expressly forbids the exchange of any kind of payment as a component of the recruitment process.

In the event that you require any assistance or encounter any difficulties in the process of applying for a position, please contact the Recruitment hub at the following number: 011 411 1387.
Gold Fields is dedicated to achieving and maintaining diversity and equity in employment, and it remains committed to this commitment.

Note that in order to be considered for shortlisting, you are required to attach all certificates that are pertinent to your curriculum vitae.

Please take note that:

In order to complete the selection process, the applicants who have been shortlisted will be required to go through a psychometric evaluation.

Those applicants who are successful will be required to sign a training contract that will be valid for the entirety of the training program duration.
It should be noted that the training contract is not an employment contract.

Both female applicants and students who are currently residing in the South Deep Host Communities will be given preference in the selection process.


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