Matric Wanted For Picker/Packer Post Available at Bidvest Logistics




Closing Date
Reference Number
Job Title Picker/Packer
Department Warehousing
Office / Facility JOHANNESBURG
Reporting To Supervisor
Job Type Classification Permanent
Location – Country South Africa
Location – Province Gauteng
Location – Town / City Kempton Park

Purpose of the Job

The company Bidvest International Logistics is looking to hire a Picker/Packer who will be responsible for pulling and packing products using a pallet jack and/or trolley based on daily orders in addition to performing general warehouse work.

Qualities and previous work experience

Matric or equivalent
1 year or more of experience working in a warehouse
Previous experience working with scanners.
Experience in picking, binning, and stock counts for at least one year

Main Duties and Obligations

Activities Related to Operations:
Make sure that all of the picking and putting away of the cargo is completed in a timely manner.
Using a scanner to perform picking and binning of orders
Check to see that the cargo that has been racked and picked is ready to be shipped.
Performing actual stock counts on the location.
The re-palletization of the loads.

Checks should be performed on the loading and unloading of containers and road vehicles whenever it is deemed necessary to do so.
Counting the cargo that is coming in.
Take care of the housekeeping duties in the appropriate area.
Take measures to ensure that SHEQ activities are kept up in the workplace.
Responsibility for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the 5s activities in the area of responsibility

Skills and Abilities Required

Having the capacity to deal with stress and to perform well under pressure.
An excellent command of verbal communication.
Be mindful of the specifics.
Superior levels of effectiveness.
A requirement for autonomy


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