Nedbank Career : Team Leader: Client Service

Nedbank Career

Team Leader: Client Service

Place: George, South Africa
Date: 6 Jun 2023
Client Service Request Number-126901.
Due Date : June 12, 2023
Location George, Western Cape

Job Family : Retailing and Providing Services
Client Service Leadership Development Program as a Career Pathway
Purpose of Job : to Manage Other People

Nedbank’s internal and external stakeholders’ potential exposure to financial and reputational risk related to administration functions will be reduced to the greatest extent possible if others are empowered.

Job Responsibilities

Develop solid relationships with external stakeholders by determining their needs, making payments on time, promptly resolving questions, engaging in timely networking, and maintaining consistent communication.
Establish and maintain working relationships by encouraging collaboration; engaging in continuous communication; delegating responsibility and holding individuals accountable; and exchanging pertinent information.
Ensure that the transformational goals for one’s own team are met by taking into account those goals during the processes of staff recruitment, staff retention, and staff training, as well as by utilizing the suppliers that are listed on the preferred supplier list.

By taking part in Nedbank’s culture building initiatives (such as staff surveys and the like), you can make a contribution to a culture that is receptive to the accomplishment of transformation goals.
Take part in the creation of action plans to address concerns brought up in culture surveys and work to put those plans into effect in order to achieve better results.
Participating in the formulation and execution of action plans is an effective way to address the concerns brought up in culture surveys.
Develop a culture of providing excellent service to customers by implementing the various required interventions.
Help support and encourage staff participation in and support for initiatives related to corporate responsibility.

Accomplish operational excellence by providing support for the implementation of business optimization improvement and encouraging participation from the team.
Encourage the team to both share their knowledge and come up with innovative ideas.
Mentoring staff and measuring performance according to service level agreements are two effective ways to reduce cycle times.
Make a contribution to the profitability of the Business unit by avoiding or reducing financial losses as much as possible and monitoring expenses.
Manage the performance of your staff by putting in place performance agreements, ensuring a clear vision, coming to an agreement on goals and objectives, providing regular feedback on performance, recognizing and rewarding achievement, and taking appropriate corrective action where necessary.

Mentor and coach staff members on identified performance gaps by having a discussion about these performance gaps and agreeing on what actions should be taken.
Engage with staff members, pass along information, and encourage participation in decision-making processes in order to foster an environment that fosters teamwork and encourages employees to perform well and contribute to the success of the company.
Maintain current knowledge in one’s field of expertise and meet the requirements set forth by various stakeholders by enhancing one’s own capabilities as well as those of one’s staff by determining what the organization’s immediate and long-term requirements are for training and development.

When looking for new talent, you can make a contribution to the effectiveness of the team by following the recruitment process.
Maintain a capable and high-performing team and make certain that an environment that is conducive to optimal performance is created by identifying the talent pool through the use of career conversations, applying the talent grid principles, and developing talent retention programs (such as rotation).
Ensure that both you and your staff understand and accept the Nedbank Vision and Values by setting a good example for everyone and continually bringing up the values in meetings.
Manage the process of new employees being brought on board by ensuring that all necessary preparations are carried out in accordance with the on-boarding check-list.

Achieve the goals of the team by planning and coordinating the use of staff and resources in accordance with the daily service level agreements (SLAs).
Enhance the performance of the team by analyzing performance data obtained from the Management Information System (MIS), conducting assessment evaluations to identify staff performance gaps, mentoring, and coaching team members.
Drive workflow efficiency by inspecting work for quality, continually checking and monitoring systems, allocating resources, organizing staff, and coordinating activities in accordance with work volumes.
Eliminate roadblocks at work by conducting investigations, locating the underlying cause, choosing the most effective alternatives, and providing feedback to the relevant stakeholders.

Essential Qualifications:

  • NQF Level Matric/Grade 12/National Senior Certificate

Preferred Qualification:

NQF Level Matric/Grade 12/National Senior Certificate.
Required to have a minimum of two to three years of experience managing people in the areas of financial risk and process management

Knowledge that is Technical or Professional
Administration of businesses and managerial duties
Client service management
Strategies for Effective Communication
The actions of consumers
The Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Governance, Risk, and Controls all go hand in hand.
The fundamentals of effective project management
Product knowledge that is pertinent to Nedbank
Planning for the use of staff resources
Guidelines, instruments, and procedures for management reporting and information gathering
Competencies in Behavioural Conduct
Coaching with a Focus on the Customer in Order to Align Performance for Success
Change Management Guiding Successful Teamwork Delegation and Empowerment Facilitating Change


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