Open Post for Picker/Packer In Bidvets (Grade 12 Wanted)

Bidvets Vacancy

Open Post for Picker/Packer


Date Limitation: January 27th, 2023
This is a reference to number BIL230119-1.
Picker/Packer is the job title, and the department and facility are the International Logistics Office and the Logistics Park Unit 1.
Reporting To Business Unit Manager – Airfreight Gauteng

Classification of Different Types of Jobs
Location: Gauteng Province, South Africa
Location: Within the town or city of Kempton Park

Picker/Packer Job Purpose

  • Both inbound and outgoing orders are collected on time, in full, and error-free at the Siemens Warehouse.
  • Receipts are generated for incoming merchandise, and it is sorted into appropriate bins.
  • Help out with the management of the inventory.
  • Make sure that inbound items are unpacked and categorized in accordance with the Binning Strategies for Warehouse Management.
  • The loading and unloading of cargo in a timely manner.
  • Packing of orders to be sent out in accordance with IA/DT specifications.
  • Providing assistance with yearly stock takes and any other IA/DT business that may be necessary on occasion.

Accreditations and Professional Experience Accreditations:

Grade 12/Matric
It would be beneficial to participate in relevant or appropriate learning opportunities.

Picker/Packer Experience:

1-to-2 years’ experience working in a role that is comparable.
Ability to use Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook on a computer

Principal Duties and Obligations

The following are important responsibilities:

Goods Receiving is the department that handles inbound shipments.
Sorting of items into bins
Taking care of outgoing orders

Principal responsibilities associated with the Picker/Packer role:

Unpack and place new items in their appropriate bins as directed by Warehouse Management. Binning strategies
Work with loading and unloading freight
Orders that are to be sent out are gathered and packed in accordance with Warehouse Management.
Picking strategies
Packing of items to be sent out in accordance with IA/DT specifications
Management of Stock and Supplies
When necessary, assist with cycle counts; when necessary, assist with yearly stock takes; when necessary, assist with returned stock; when necessary, assist with collections and transfer orders;
When necessary, provide assistance with any additional IA/DT business.

Skills & Competencies
Picker/Packer Knowledge:

Knowledge of the Siemens Workforce Management System (WMS) Proficient command of the English language in all aspects, including speaking and writing

Capability of paying close attention to specifics
Always make sure you’re being accurate.
Have the ability to operate alone and unsupervised as necessary.


When hiring both internally and externally, Bidvest International Logistics stays dedicated to upholding the principles of employment equity.

It is the policy of the organization to provide promotions to current employees if that option is available.
In light of this, I want to make sure that you are aware that internal candidates will be evaluated first before examining applications from the outside, provided that this helps us reach our Employment Equity objectives.


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