PetroSA Internships (Finance, IT, HR & Audit)

PetroSA Internships Available

PetroSA Internships (Finance, IT, HR & Audit)
Listing reference: petro_000057
Apply by: 28 March 2023
Position summary
Industry: Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas
Job category: Other: Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas
Location: South Africa, Various Locations
Contract: Internship
EE position: Yes


PetroSA, also known as the Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa (SOC) Limited, is the National Oil Company of South Africa and is recognized as a legal business organization in accordance with the laws of that country.
The Central Energy Fund (CEF), which is completely owned by the state and reports to the Department of Energy, is the parent company of PetroSA.

PetroSA is a subsidiary of the CEF.
All of the business’s operations are carried out in accordance with the highest possible safety and environmental standards, and the corporation maintains a portfolio of assets that spans the petroleum value chain.

Job description
Internships Opportunities

Students and recent graduates have the opportunity to participate in a “hands-on,” work-based learning experience within the petrochemical industry through the Internship program that is being provided by PetroSA.
This will allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts, ideas, and procedures associated with their field of study or major.
The duration of the internship program is twelve (12) months, and it is available in the following fields of study:

  1. Management Accounting X 2

Accounting offers the internal management with an analysis of costs as well as cost information for the purposes of planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and decision making.
It compares the actual performance to the budgeted performance and provides management with assistance in such a way that it enables the latter to achieve the highest possible rate of return on the capital invested.

  1. Human Resource X 2 (Of which 1 candidate must be from a TVET College)

The following opportunities will be presented to you through Human Resource Management:

Remunetion & Perks
Interactions with Potential and Current Employees
Instruction and Instructional Design
Change Management
Growth of an Organizational Structure
Administration of Performance

  1. Third Internal Audit X 3

It is the role of internal auditors to review financial papers to determine whether or not they are accurate and whether or not they comply with federal rules.
Determine the risks that the organization faces financially and provide suggestions on how those risks might be minimized or even eliminated.

  1. The Information Technology X 3

Supports, repairs, and maintains the hardware and software of an organization’s computer systems in addition to providing a wide range of other related services.
Installing, troubleshooting, testing, or assisting in the rollout of security features, hardware, or software, as well as the maintenance of networks and computer systems, will also be necessary.

Regarding the availability of employment possibilities, PetroSA is dedicated to promoting equality, employment equity, and diversity.
Candidates from under-represented designated groups may be given preference in accordance with our Employment Equity Strategy;
However, this preference is not limited to only these individuals.
PetroSA retains the right to not fill any of the posted positions, even if candidates are qualified.
Those who are able to live with disabilities are encouraged to apply for opportunities at PetroSA.

Minimum prerequisites NB!!

Citizenship of South Africa is obligatory.
Must possess the appropriate academic qualifications and transcripts for the position.
Clinically appropriate
To be eligible for consideration, your application must be submitted through the PetroSA Employment site.
Applicant who does not currently hold a formal employment position.
The candidate does not have any previous experience participating in an internship program.
Despite the fact that PetroSA is offering a training opportunity, there is no assurance that this will lead to future employment with the company.


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