Pick N Pay TVET Learnerships In Various Provinces

Pick N Pay Opportunities

TVET Learnerships
Workplace Experience Programme (18 Months)


Closing Date : 2023/10/31
Job Type Classification Learnership
Department Operations
Location – Town / City PNP Inland Northern & Gauteng
Location – Province : Various Provinces
Location – Country South Africa

Summary of the Learnerships Advertisement

Pick n Pay is actively seeking individuals with exceptional abilities who demonstrate a strong desire to acquire knowledge from our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals.
We are particularly interested in candidates who align with our organization’s fundamental principles and values.

We have exciting opportunities available for individuals who are determined, focused, and dedicated and who are interested in applying for hospitality, marketing, business administration, and HR Workplace Experience Programme learnership positions in the retail industry.
These learnership positions are part of the Workplace Experience Programme.

Candidates must exhibit the necessary professional values and attitudes, along with the capability to effectively incorporate business acumen and technical competence throughout the entirety of the value creation process.
The learnerships provided by Pick n Pay serve as a viable means to identify and nurture prospective future leaders.
Our development opportunities aim to facilitate the acquisition of essential professional and personal experience, enabling career advancement and the realization of one’s full potential.
These opportunities provide individuals with the means to gain valuable experience across diverse domains.

Requirements (Bare Minimums) :

Learnerships available that last for a period of 18 months.
N6 Tourism, Hospitality, Business Administration, and Human Resources
Attached to the application is a copy of an official identification document.
Attached to the application is a copy of the N6 certificate that has been certified.

A List of Duties and Obligations

Candidates are expected to demonstrate values and attitudes consistent with those of professionals;
The capacity to integrate business savvy and technical expertise into each component of the value creation process.

Extra Material and Information

Interview based on competencies, with the purpose of evaluating the aforementioned requirements.
Applicants who make the final cut may be asked to complete any necessary tests or evaluations.

Apply at PNP Inland Northern & Gauteng
Apply at PNP Inland Hyper – Gauteng
Apply at PNP Coastal (Eastern Cape)
Apply at PNP Qualisave (Eastern Cape)
Apply at PNP Coastal (Western Cape)
Apply at PNP Qualisave (Western Cape)
Apply at PNP Qualisave (KwaZulu Natal)
Apply at PNP Coastal (KwaZulu Natal)
Apply at PNP Kensington – Johannesburg

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