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Day And Night Cleaners X6


Cleaner -Day and Night Cleaners x6 (RAN240409-1) – Rand Water
Closing Date
Reference Number
Job Title Cleaner -Day and Night Cleaners x6
Portfolio Shared Services
Job Type Classification Permanent
Location – Country South Africa
Location – Province Gauteng
Location – Town / City Glenvista
Location – Site Rietvlei

A Synopsis of the Job Advertisement

To keep the offices, the workshop, the plant, the ablution facilities, the paving, and the surrounding area of the building clean and in good condition.

Certain Minimum Prerequisites

  • Completion of the Grade 12;
  • One year of relevant cleaning experience;
  • Basic computer literacy;
  • Knowledge of stock tacking at a fundamental level

Primary Obligations

  • Ensure that there is sufficient soap, toilet paper, hand rolls, air fresheners, and SHE packets in each and every ablution and shower room, and visit these rooms twice a day to clean them.
  • You are required to inform the supervisor of any inappropriate behavior, damages to the building, or removal of furniture.
  • Ensure that the paved areas surrounding and outside the building room, workshops, plantrooms, generator room, and ablutions are thoroughly cleaned.
    Ensure that the platforms in the parking area and the entrance to the building are cleaned and swept.
  • Make sure that the entrances and the interiors of the conference rooms are cleaned every day, and that the trash cans are emptied.
  • Cleaning the dirt and papers that are scattered on the ground and in the garden
  • Use cleaning chemicals in accordance with the instructions that have been provided.
    Handrails and the staircase will be cleaned.
  • Cleaning refrigerators, microwaves, and windows that are about three meters in height.
    Walls that have been wrapped.

  • Brass products should be used for cleaning door handles.
  • The offices have been cleaned, and the layout is open.
  • When requested, provide assistance with the movement of furniture.
  • Make sure the garbage bag is ready to be collected by the service provider.
    Dusting of the desk, cupboard, chairs, and other furniture in both the open plan office and the office.
  • Weekly cleaning of the management parking lot, which includes the roof and solar panels.

Acquiring knowledge

  • Hygiene
  • Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Issues
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • MS Office
  • Basic understanding and use of cleaning equipment
  • Basic knowledge of safe working procedures
  • Basic knowledge of cleaning chemicals


  • Keeping things clean
  • Having the ability to communicate
  • Having the ability to interact with others
  • Solving problems effectively
  • Communicating effectively with others

A mentality

Performance-oriented, collaborative, and focused on providing excellent service to customers
Self-discipline and control, self-motivation, and the ability to perform well under pressure are all crucial qualities.

  • Capacity to find solutions to issues.
  • Self-organized
  • Adaptable to a variety of circumstances and work
  • Focused on providing excellent service to customers


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