RANDWATER LEARNERSHIPS | Water And Wastewater Reticulation Services Learnership Programme : NQF Level 2 (12 Months) X 15


Water And Wastewater Reticulation Services Learnership Programme :
NQF Level 2 (12 Months) X 15


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Water and Wastewater Reticulation Services Learnership Programme :
NQF Level 2 (12 months) x 15
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South Africa
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Summary of the Job Advertisement

The water service provided by Rand Water is among the most extensive anywhere in the world. Twelve million people living in the country’s most economically important region have access to drinkable water of unrivaled quality thanks to this project.
Rand Water has a long and illustrious history of reliably supplying water to meet the demands of an ever-expanding economy, beginning with the company’s founding in 1903.

Because Johannesburg is one of the few cities that was not built on or near a river or dam that could provide sustainable water, creative solutions had to be engineered over the years in order to meet the demand of the city.
Rand Water is centered on the creation of employment opportunities and the support of economic and sectoral growth by significantly increasing the output of skills that are relevant, scarce, and critical.
This is in accordance with the pillars outlined in the National Skills Development Strategy III.

Rand Water is currently accepting applications for the Water and Wastewater Reticulation Services Learnership Programme from previously disadvantaged individuals who meet the necessary qualifications and who are interested in pursuing a career in the water industry. NQF Level 2

Minimum Requirements

Before applying, applicants must ensure that they meet each of the following minimum entry criteria:

Applicants are not allowed to be currently employed.
Applicants are not allowed to be enrolled in any qualification programs at any institutions, nor are they allowed to be registered in any learnership programs.
Candidates are not permitted to hold any post-matriculation qualifications that have been successfully completed.
(It is important to note that the applicant will be disqualified if they fail to disclose any post-matriculation qualifications.)
Applicants who already have a degree or certificate beyond the matriculation level are not allowed to apply and will not be considered.

The applicants are required to have a Matric (the equivalent of Grade 12) with a minimum level of Level 4 in both mathematics and physical science.
Applicants are required to be citizens of South Africa and to be in possession of a current SA ID card.
In accordance with the NSDSIII, applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 35 at the time of application.

Your application must be accompanied by all of the following documents:

An official copy of the identification document
Official copy of the Matric (also known as Grade 12)
Documentary evidence of one’s place of residence

As a means of giving effect to Rand Water’s Employment Equity Objectives, preference will be given, both in the process of evaluating prospective applicants and making the final selection, to females and people with disabilities.
Rand Water is not obligated to fill any of the positions that have been advertised and retains the right to do so at any time.

Primary Obligations

As a learner, it is expected of you to complete your qualification in the shortest amount of time possible and in accordance with the terms of the contract agreement for the allotted amount of time.
Knowledge Rand The water mandate, as well as the organization’s contribution to the water industry
The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
Independently driven and focused on achieving results


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