Sales Agent Wanted at Sanlam Group

Company: Sanlam Group

Sales Agent

MiWayLife (Parktown, Gauteng)

The deadline for submission of applications is July 31st, 2023.

The mission of Miwaylife is to build a direct financial services company of world-class caliber that aims to achieve the following:

a) Provide its customers with excellent service, products with superior value, and fair treatment at all times;
b) Strive to Become the Employer of Choice;
c) Strive to Become a Good Corporate Citizen; and
d) Strive to Play a Meaningful Role in the Transformation of the Financial Services Industry.

The “Life Insurance reimagined” philosophy is ingrained in the MiWayLife company culture, which places an emphasis on values such as professionalism, freedom, attitude, energy, and accountability.
We are a close-knit community of creative individuals who aren’t afraid to think for themselves and are always on the lookout for new ways to shake up our sector.

What are you going to do?

  • Maintain optimal operational efficiencies based on productivity measures
  • Adapt and change to fit in with changing business operational requirements
  • Sell life insurance over the phone
  • Achieve sales targets
  • Adhere to Quality and Compliance processes to minimize business risk
  • Sell life insurance over the phone
  • Achieve sales targets
  • Handling of sales objections
  • Establishing and maintaining positive client relationships
  • Keeping up with developments and trends in the industry through independent study
  • Ensuring adherence to the FAIS Fit and Proper qualification requirements

What qualities do you possess that will make you successful in this role?

Experience and other qualifications:

Grade 12 qualification
Experience working in a Sales Outbound Call Centre for a period of three years, during which time long-term insurance was sold (with targets attached to the sales).

Knowledge and skills:

A comprehensive understanding of the legislation and regulation pertaining to the financial services industry
Knowledge of the business processes involved in making sales and in servicing industries
Outbound Sales experience is required
English as well as another official language of South Africa must be spoken fluently.
a clean history in terms of both criminal activity and credit
A commitment to the FAIS Act and the fulfillment of the requirements for Fit and Proper qualification
Availability to put in extra hours when necessary in order to meet goals.
Having a comprehensive understanding of computers.

Personal qualities:

Interpersonal Organizing and planning for interactions
Developing and sustaining connections with others
Initiative for Treating Customers With Fairness
Results Driven/Achievement orientated
Continuous education and training
Objection handling skills
oriented towards the team
Capability to take in criticism and make necessary adjustments

Both Experience and Qualification are Required

With at least three to four years of experience relevant to the position.

Knowledge and Skills

Undertake Outbound Tele-Sales Service inbound client queries, requests
Management and operation of the system
The highest standards of quality, compliance, and accreditation
Characteristics of the Individual
Maintains clear and effective communication – Independently making a contribution
Situational adaptability – Independently making a contribution
Taking responsibility for one’s own actions while also actively contributing
Contributing on one’s own accord to the argument
Join us and we’ll help you build a successful career.

The development of solid, long-term relationships with our staff members is one of our top priorities.
We are aware that you have aspirations for not only your professional life but also for your personal growth and the accomplishment of great things in the future.
We are extremely proud of the fact that we are able to assist our staff members in recognizing their own value.
This is made possible by the group’s four business clusters, which are Sanlam Life and Savings, Sanlam Investment Group, Sanlam Emerging Markets, and Santam, in addition to MiWay and the Group Office.
These all contribute to the numerous opportunities for expansion and advancement that are made available by the group.

Core Competencies

Fosters creativity and originality – Independently contributing to the customer focus – Independently contributing to the customer focus
Contributes in an independent manner while driving results.
Participates in joint efforts while making individual contributions
Being able to bounce back and making your own contributions
Timing of the turnaround

Please take note that the employer retains the right to either cancel the advertisement before the stated closing date or to continue accepting applications after the stated closing date in the event that additional candidates are interested in the position.

Timing considerations:

The amount of time it will take you to finish this process will vary depending on how far you get and how many managers are available.


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