SASOL CAREERS (Operator – Final Assembly S4 Plant x76)

Operator – Final Assembly
S4 Plant x76 (Non-Permanent) 


Ref No: 116012
The last day to send in an application is February 17, 2023.
Technician – Final Assembly S4 Plant Operator X76 (Non-Permanent)

Org number:

80044907 | 80044908| 80044909 | 80044910 | 80044911 | 80044912 | 80044913 | 80044914| 80044915| 80044916| 80044917| 80044918| 80044919 | 80044920|80044921|80044970|80044971|80044972| 80044973| 80044974| 80044975| 80044976| 80044977|80044978| 80044979| 80044980 80044981|80044982|80044983| 80044984|80044985| 80044986|80044987| 80044988| 80044989|80044990|80044991|80044992|80044993|80044994|80044995| 80044996|80044997|80044998|
80045013|80045014|80045015| 80045016|80045017| 80044167|80044168|80044171|80044173| 80044175|80044180|80044183|80044187| 80044181| 80044165| 80044188| 80044184| 80044192

Actions in the Energy Business
Business Unit:
Energy Ops – Sasolburg & Ekandustria Ops

Groups of Roles:

A short summary of the role and what it is supposed to do.

To build non-electric delay initiation systems on a manual assembly machine.

How to get hired and what your main responsibilities are are explained.

  • Explosives are ready to be used when they are crimped and blocked.
  • Making a coil out of the shock tube
  • Putting away the bombs and marking them
  • How explosives are packed
  • Put the different items together according to the instructions on the lot traveller.
  • Ability is needed on all of the different machines for putting things together (crimping machine, coiling machine, sealing machine, tagging machine).
  • There is a chance that operators will need to run two machines at the same time.
  • Test the quality of the items that have been put together to make sure that all of them meet the standards set by the customer.
  • Take an inventory of all the raw materials that are in the production area.
  • Based on the instructions on the lot traveler, bundle, count, and pack the assembled units into boxes according to the standards.
  • Do things to keep the gathering space clean and organized.
  • Use the right measuring tools, like a Vernier calliper, to take measurements based on the specifications and write down the results on the lot traveller.
  • Adjust the parameters of the device or machine so that they match the product specifications listed on the lot traveller.
  • Also, operators have to report daily production as well as any problems that happen.
  • After each day of production, manually update the production graphs that are on the wall next to each production cell.
  • Being able to talk and listen well (proficient in English)
  • Have the ability to do well when things are tight.
  • Be able to work long shifts and extra hours when they are needed.
  • Consciences and diligent
  • Detail oriented
  • Maintain a very high level of moral integrity.
  • Encourages working together and as a team.
  • Able to work on their own with only minimal supervision

Education at a School or College

  • Grade 12 or Equivalent

Min Experience

  • Experience in Explosives Manufacturing (Wish)

Certification and membership in professional groups are also important.

  • None is required


  • Collaboration is when you and another person work together to make something.
  • Compliance requires that you understand the rules, regulations, sanctions, and other legal requirements, guidelines, and instructions that apply to governing bodies and organizations, both internally and externally.
  • Execution capability is the basic ability to put a plan, project, or work-related task into action on a daily basis.

Problem-solving is an iterative process that involves defining a problem, looking for relevant information, and trying out a number of possible solutions until the problem is solved. It takes persistence, as well as the ability to think analytically and critically.
Self-Mastery means taking responsibility for your own growth and moving it forward by becoming more self-aware, reflecting, asking for feedback, and making changes to yourself.


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