Sasol Hiring x15 Operators Grade 12 Wanted

Organization: Sasol

Operator (NPE)x15 Posts

Date of Publication: January 9, 2024
North West, Ekandustria, is the location.

In addition to being a global integrated chemicals and energy company, Sasol has a history that spans seven decades.
Our skilled workforce, combined with our knowledge and carefully chosen technologies, enables us to source, manufacture, and sell chemical and energy products on a global scale in a manner that is both safe and environmentally responsible.
When you become a member of Team Sasol, you become a part of a company that places people at the center of everything that we attempt to accomplish.

In order to help you cultivate your career in a culture that values diversity and inclusion, Sasol provides development opportunities and invests in its employees at every stage of the career path. There are also opportunities to advance your career.

Employment Requirement:

The 3409

Date for closing:
23rd of January, 3024

The OME:
The Operations of Energy
Organizational Unit:
Both Sasolburg and Ekandustria Ops are the Energy Ops.

The Department of:
In the production of watergel
The City or Town;
Bronkhorstspruit, also known as Ekandustria

A Concise Description of the Job and Its Purpose

to prepare the work area for the beginning of the packaging process.
Label stickers can be created with the help of the label sticker machine and the scanner.
Get the boxes ready for the packaging.
Perform operations, including weighing and inspection of cartridges, as well as shutdown

Principal Lines of Business

Factory Production of Explosives

Key Accountabilities and Description of the Recruitment Process

Plant and Equipment:
Examine the availability of safety equipment and make sure it is in good working order.
You have access to the appropriate tools and equipment.
Ensure that the plant and the areas surrounding it are clean.

The operation of the plant was carried out in accordance with the operating manual and the applicable safety instructions.

Administration – Communicate with the operators of the KP machines and the mixers about any issues that may arise with the production schedule

Observing the laws, including ISO, CIE, and 5S Systems guidelines
Maintaining and statutory inspections entails getting the plant ready for maintenance and providing assistance with repairs whenever it is feasible.

Conduct quality assurance inspections on manufactured goods.
Housekeeping duties within the production area in general
In addition to this, operators are in charge of reporting on daily production as well as breakdowns.
Performing manual updates on production graphs that are displayed on the wall next to each production cell after each day’s production

Education in a Formal Setting

National Senior Certificate
Experience in the production of explosives for at least three months
Certified Professionals and Professional Organizations

Competencies and Abilities

Collaboration refers to the process of working together with another individual to produce something.

Understanding the rules, regulations, sanctions, and other statutory requirements, guidelines, and instructions that pertain to governing bodies and organizations, both internally and externally, is what is meant by the term “compliance.”

The underlying ability to carry out a strategy or project, as well as day-to-day work, is referred to as execution capability.

Problem solving is a process that involves defining a problem, searching for information, and testing a series of solutions until the problem is solved.
This process is carried out incrementally until the problem is solved. It requires perseverance, critical thinking, and analysis of the situation.

Possessing self-mastery means accepting responsibility for one’s own development by cultivating self-awareness, engaging in self-reflection, soliciting feedback, and engaging in self-correction.


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