Shop Assistant Cashier X24

Location: Pretoria(SunnyPark,Woodmead), Morningside
Contract: Permanent
EE position: Yes
Brand: Clicks Group

Apply by: 7 July 2022

To convey administration greatness through productive client care, retail location (POS) functional exercises and promoting in store that prompts a positive client experience.

Expected set of responsibilities
Work Objectives:

To execute all functional exercises at the retail location in an opportune and productive way proficiently.
To keep up with elevated degrees of precision while examining product and gathering installment for merchandise bought, including actioning clubcard rewards.
To guarantee the protected treatment of money consistently.
To proactively advance the Clicks’ clubcard and to select new clubcard individuals to accomplish the clubcard investment targets.
To make clients mindful of advancements to decidedly influence deals and to guarantee clients “feel better and save money”.
To convey unrivaled client support by going about as a brand diplomat, being noticeable and offering a cordial and expert help.
To effectively execute and keep up with all promoting and general housekeeping obligations as per store and visual product norms.
To help the Group’s vision to be the client’s best option wellbeing and magnificence retailer by living and driving the organization values.
To keep up with refreshed information on items, reaches, advancements and occasions to give the right data to clients consistently.


Fundamental maths estimations
Retail/FMCG foundation and comprehension of marketing and advancements standards
Comprehension of stock administration methods
Information on client care greatness


Arranging and coordinating abilities
Critical thinking abilities
Solid client direction
Great relational abilities
PC education
Numeracy abilities



Relating and organizing
Adhering to guidelines and methods
Conveying Results and Meeting Customer Expectations

Working with individuals
Convincing and Influencing
Arranging and Organizing
Adapting to Pressures and Setbacks

Least necessities
Alluring: experience in a client confronting job inside a retail/FMCG store tasks climate

Fundamental: Grade 12
Alluring: Maths 50% and English 50% at Grade 12 level

How to apply at SunnyParkx5:

Reference: click_008110

Kindly email CV to:[email protected]

How to Apply at Woodmeadx10:

reference: click_008104

Send CV to [email protected]

How to Apply at Morningsidex3:

reference: click_008100

Please email CV to: [email protected]

How to Apply at Sandtonx2:

reference: click_008099

Please email CV to : [email protected]

How to apply at Mfula/Mpumalangax2:

Reference: click_008106

Please email CV to: [email protected]

Apply at Sammy Marks Squarex2:

Reference: click_008108

Please email CV to : [email protected]

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