Ster-Kinekor Warehouse Assistant Post

Ster-Kinekor Theatres Pty Ltd

Warehouse Assistant

Sandton, Gauteng
Posted 13 September 2023
Closing Date 18 September 2023

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Job Details

Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Job functional area

Description of the Job

The Warehouse Assistant will be in charge of ensuring that control is maintained over the flow of stock through the warehouse and storage areas, monitoring the entry and exit of goods, moving and handling items in a safe and efficient manner, and maintaining stock records.
Other responsibilities include being accountable to management for the ordering, storage, and distribution of office consumables (such as tea, coffee, and other beverages), as well as being responsible for the resolution of day-to-day maintenance issues and the re-allocation of furniture in accordance with the requirements of the business.

Job Responsibilities of a Warehouse Assistant:

The process of loading and unloading goods from vehicles used for delivery
Performing checks and inspections on shipments that have been received, as well as ensuring that the goods are of the expected quantity, type, and quality.
The noting and reporting of any goods that have been damaged, lost, or found to be defective.
Ensure that a stock room layout planogram is developed in order to guarantee that ordering is done in accordance with the stock room capacity and that the correct par levels are maintained, thereby lowering the risk of write-offs.

After being satisfied that all of the goods have been received in their entirety, the delivery note can then be signed.
Transferring the items to the appropriate location in the warehouse so they can be received.
The tagging and stowing away of goods, as well as the assignment of goods to their appropriate storage areas.
Ensuring that all of the processes involving the inventory and the system are finished on the same day.

Goods are moved and packed before being transported to the despatch area, ensuring that they are ready to be collected.
ensuring that all of the processes involving the inventory and the system are finished on the same day.
Before sending out orders, products must first go through the processes of packaging and labeling.
A distribution of storage space for various items

Moving and restacking the goods in order to make room for the arrival of new shipments.
Keeping track of the items, where they are located, and how many there are
Taking stock and managing the inventory are both things that need to be done.
Keeping a record of stock levels and conducting stock takes
Make sure that all of the safety and security protocols are followed correctly.
Keeping the warehouse and storage areas in a clean and organized state, as well as removing any packing material that may be present.

Carry out ad hoc responsibilities in accordance with the necessities of the business or operation.
The storing and providing of office supplies and consumables are subject to approval and are applicable to the various locations.
It is recommended that a weekly review of the office maintenance needs be carried out.
Carry out maintenance tasks in accordance with the necessities of the business, such as the replacement of light bulbs.
The generator’s diesel tank was recently refilled.
Adjustment of office fixtures and fittings
Whenever it’s necessary, we’ll set up and take down the office furniture.

Experience and other qualifications include:

Grade 12
General 2 years of experience in the working.

Methods: Systems

The ability to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office SAP on a computer is desirable.

Capabilities of the body:

Must be capable of picking up and moving stock items and equipment, with assistance if necessary and in accordance with health and safety regulations.
It is required that you have the ability to travel and to transport equipment whenever it may be necessary.

Abilities :

Communication can take place both verbally and in writing.
Competence in Administration and Organizational Matters
Strong abilities in working with people
Acquiring experience in both operational systems and processes and having that knowledge will be beneficial.

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