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Y.E.S | DC – Johannesburg /KZN | Youth Development Programme

takealot.com, the most successful online retailer in South Africa, is looking to add a highly skilled YES Learner to its Supply Chain Team in Johannesburg, DC/KZN.

We are a young company that is experiencing rapid expansion and are looking for people to join our team who are intelligent, creative, and hard-working.
We offer a market-related Total Remuneration Package that gives you complete flexibility according to your needs, a wonderful work environment, and a guarantee that you won’t be bored as long as you are willing to take on challenges and want to create something wonderful.

Submitted for review by the DC Champion

Your responsibilities will consist of the following:

Receiving, putting away, moving, picking, quality checking, and packing items to TAKEALOT’s exact standards as instructed on an RF device.
This process takes place in all relevant departments, such as Picking, Putaway, Returns, Collects, and so on.
Make certain that all work areas are spotless, well-organized, and risk-free for employees to occupy.
Performing checks and inspections on shipments that have been received to ensure that they are of the expected quantity, type, and quality.

Using the utmost care and caution, in accordance with the specifications, when working with warehouse tools and equipment
ensuring the precise updating and recording of all of the data using both online and manual recording systems
Work schedules will be determined by consensus.
Check that the contents of the packages have been packed correctly and that the correct size box has been used.

Check that the contents of the totes were picked up accurately.
Audit pick failures should be tracked and reported every day.
Put away marshalling entails scanning and linking an IBLPNs to a filer, as well as ensuring that stock is filed in a manner that is both fiscal and systemic.
Performing random spot checks
Examine the process of loading Dispatch vehicles (checking and scanning rollatinis and oversized non-con items onto trucks, constructing shipping manifests, and linking stock to drivers and trucks).
Contribute to the investigation of Hub claims.


Matric Certificate
Mathematics : 50%, or Mathematics Literacy: 60%.


Attention to detail
Competence in the preparation of reports.
A Quick Student
Effective communication both verbally and in writing
Participant in Teams Capable with Computers

Concerning the Environment:

Employees of takealot.com are entrepreneurial and dynamic, smart, customer-centric, and fun, and they all have the common goal of making takealot.com the most successful online retailer in Africa.
We are always open to direct feedback and new ideas on how we can improve, and we always make sure to have fun while we work hard, take ownership of our work, and collaborate with others to find solutions to problems.

We place a higher priority on work than on our own egos.
We are not just thinkers but also doers because, in the end, everything depends on the execution.
Both the work we are doing and the things we are making inspire us deeply.

We are looking to hire someone with an extraordinary mind who can:

Is courteous while also being straightforward; is a master of action; not only can they plan but they can also put their plans into action; is analytical; is able to use information to inform decision-making
Is competitive, self-directed, and strives to be the BEST (to be GREAT requires a lot of work, and it does not only take place during business hours).
Is enthusiastic about the potential of online shopping and providing customers with an experience that is unparalleled in the world
Is entrepreneurial, adapts well to change while acknowledging that it is unavoidable, and is always looking for ways to do things more efficiently and effectively is considered to be business SMART.

Capable of thinking about problems from a business perspective while taking into account technical and product input;
Curious and willing to challenge the status quo
Will be at the forefront of developing new ideas for takealot.com thanks to their creative thinking, enjoyment of iteration, and ability to work well with others.
Demonstrates the characteristics of a successful business owner in that they are INTELLIGENT, INTEGRITY-driven, and HARD-WORKING.
If you have all of these characteristics, you have an extraordinary mind; therefore, you should come and join us.


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