Johannesburg, South Africa

  1. Natural substance

Keep a right wheat mix
Keep up with ideal cleaning and wheat molding
Keep up with stock degrees of nutrients/
Flour Corrector on the floor at
the Mill.

  1. Creation
    Be educated what items will be processed for the day with the Shift Miller (Shift Meeting)
    Take, do and record 2 hourly flour tests for every Mill (3 to 4 Samples) on An and B Mill. (IM9500, Color, Sieving, Vitamin and Corrector presence test)
    Take, do and record 2 hourly wheat tests for each Mill (4 Samples: 1BK and Dry) on An and B Mill.
    Do wet ups 2 x times for each shift for An and B Mill.
    Do Bin plunges 1 x time for each shift on sixth floor @ +-05h00.
    Fill Vitamin and Corrector feeders on An and B factory.
    Take actual Vitamin and Corrector test to gauge and record.
    Review working activity of all hardware on wheat cleaning, molding, and processing including sifters and airtight chambers.
    Open, clear and help with any blockages/gags while happening.
    Report deformities to mill operator
    To blend away gags that happened on shift into stifle blender.
    To investigate and brush purifier covers and wheat finisher screens.
    Put out sifter tests on example sheets with the Shift Miller
    Be available on Plansifter floors for An and B Mill during fire up to review connector sleeves.
    Break Releases
    Play out all sensible obligations doled out by Shift Miller – Performing obligations as a Production Team.
  2. Organization
    Creation back flushes on SAP
  3. Upkeep
    To help with ALL creation upkeep according to the week after week support plans plan
    To help a fitter or electrical expert late night on a call-out, with item related gags.
    Help with the covering of strainer outlines.
  4. Fortress
    Nutrient/Flour Corrector expansion.
  5. Sanitation and Occupational Safety
    Plant cleanliness
    Plant Housekeeping. Guarantees that Mills are spotless and clean consistently.
    Plant Safety
    Opening up of roll stands, plant sifters and other processing hardware, as a feature of fumigation planning and general housekeeping
    Keep up with wellbeing and security guidelines.
    Guarantee all floors are clear of stifles and perfect for next Shift.
  6. Human Relations
    To work in great soul with all Pioneer Foods representatives and clients
    Individual cleanliness

Give help when expected to other functional regions

Specialized expertise
Capacity to conform to further develop efficiencies
Compromise of item
Wheat evaluating and quality.
Strategies and systems.
Stock administration.
Sap framework
Item information Mill framework information
Processing information
GMF preparing.
Grade 12
Critical thinking
Plan, coordinate and control
Specialized and Milling information.
Specialized information
“PepsiCo is an Equal Opportunity Employer in accordance with the Employment Equity Act”
Work Type: Full-Time

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